5 Gifts To Pamper Your Sister

The individual you grew up with and have known forever could turn out to be the most challenging person to shop for. Whether it is a calendar holiday, her birthday, graduation gift or just because, some sisters have proven to be notoriously difficult to impress.  This challenge can be overcome by tapping into her essence.  Whether she is on a quest for ultimate relaxation, a die-hard candle lover or simply deserving of a great gift, there are 5 gift ideas below that you can consider if you are thinking about pampering your sister:

Luxury Robe

For centuries, robes have been adding quality to the lives of a countless number of individuals.  Even though the style choices, fabrics and features have changed, the reason to buy one for your sister remains the same – to wrap herself in warmth and luxurious coziness whenever she feels the need. There are a number of positive benefits to owning a bathrobe and your sister is sure to enjoy every one of them.

There are many brands available that produce the highest quality of luxurious robes for happy customers all over the world.  Once the comforting, calming and restorative qualities of a luxury robe are realized, this has the capacity to become one of her most favorite possessions.  With having a bathrobe, there are simple joys that can be brought to your sister’s everyday life.  It is a remarkable gift idea whether it is her very first robe, replacing her current one or adding to her collection.

Scented Candles

It has been proven scientifically that scented candles are capable of playing a vital part in the physiological effects of stress, mood and overall mental health.   There are scents that repeatedly trigger the same hormones in many different individuals, which makes them extremely popular as calming home scents.  Smells such as geranium, peppermint and lavender are shown to be helpful for the treatment of different physiological and psychological disorders.

The soothing effects of scented candles is based on the way the brain processes smells.  The aromas of these candles stimulate the limbic system, which is basically the section of the brain that handles emotions and memories. Hormones like dopamine and serotonin can be generated to help in regulating mood.  As such, the emotional state is motivated by the relationship that exists among scents, emotions and memories.  Therefore, if your sister could do with a physiological boost of a mood regulation, candles could be a remarkable pamper gift.

Weighted Blanket

If your sister enjoys relaxation or she could do with getting more restful sleep, there is a very good chance she will love it.  These blankets serve as a versatile gift because of the variety of advantages they offer to a wide range of individuals.

Using this type of blanket helps in relaxing the body by mimicking the feeling of being hugged or held; this will make her fall asleep quicker and stay asleep longer.  Typically, made of super-soft, high-quality fabrics, the breathable blankets are ideal for bedding right throughout the year.

There are also covers that are ideal for adding another layer of protection to the blanket.  They are also a remarkable way of customizing the feel and look for your sister.  Essentially, you can choose a cover that is perfectly suitable for her personality.

Silk Pillowcases

Your sister deserves the experience of sleeping on a silk pillowcase and if she hasn’t already, this could become a part of her sleep and skincare routine.  This fabric is quite gentle on the skin, which decreases the likelihood of irritation, particularly if your sister sleeps on her side.  Additionally, silk is naturally hypoallergenic, which makes it the best choice for sensitive skin.

Silk is also a natural repellant of allergens and microbes, keeping them from sticking to the pillowcase; this makes it naturally antibacterial.  Along with being soft and gentle, it is more hygienic to use a silk pillowcase.

Furthermore, high-quality silk has thermo-regulating properties designed to keep you comfy all year long.  Silk pillowcases wick away sweat and are breathable even during a hot summer’s night to ensure your sister won’t feel overheated in bed.  She will no longer be on a quest to find a cooler side and can enjoy more restful sleep.

Gift Hamper

Gift hampers are among the gifts that are quite accessible in price and would cost much more to buy separately.  A gift hamper from Hampers With Bite can make the ideal pamper gift for sister.  It has the added benefit of being customizable, which means you can put together a bunch of goodies you know your sister will truly enjoy.  The hamper can also be used afterwards in several different ways, including serving as a decorative accessory.  On Hampers With Bite the choices include Classic Antipasto Hamper, Red Wine & Nibbles Hamper, Self Care Hamper and Signature Botanica Collection, with the option of creating your own customized hamper for your sister. 


For over 10 years, Rory Boyle has been providing luxurious gift hampers to clients from his business Hampers With Bite. Rory has great knowledge of the gifting industry and enjoys writing to share his knowledge.



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