Pretty & Pamper How A Bad Smile Can Affect Your Wellbeing and How a Dentist...

How A Bad Smile Can Affect Your Wellbeing and How a Dentist Can Help 

Improve your smile

If you feel your smile isn’t at your best, you won’t smile as much. And if you don’t smile as much it will cause you to feel bad, making you smile less. And so, the cycle continues.

Nip that in the bud. There are a range of cosmetic dentistry options available to make you smile wider for longer. Read on for more details.

Don’t stop smiling

You might be negatively affected by your teeth, causing confidence and self-esteem issues that might cause you to refuse to smile. It’s understandable but unnecessary and in turn can affect your mental health. Teeth which are damaged, decayed or missing can be the sign of a health problem but also a cosmetic issue. If they are bad enough, they can make you feel inadequate, leading to feelings of depression and isolation. You can withdraw from other people and activities because you think people would judge you on your teeth.

So, what can your dentist do about it? Well, it depends on what you don’t like about your teeth. Turns out there are a lot of options offered by dentists like Pure Dentistry in Brisbane.


The color of your teeth can dim over time due to things like coffee and red wine in your diet, smoking, illness, or a simple lack of oral hygiene. If you’re looking for your smile to shine brighter, dentists can offer a range of options. The simplest and most affordable of these is to make an appointment with your hygienist to remove surface stains and plaque. You’d be surprised at the difference it can make.

You can then consider professional teeth whitening. Your dentist will guard your mouth and gums before painting a bleach solution onto your teeth and shining a lamp into your mouth to activate the solution.


Replacing a lost tooth will help repair any confidence lost with the tooth. A dentist will aim to replace your tooth with a dental crown that looks and feels like your own teeth, so no one should notice, not even you.

Dental implants are a permanent solution to tooth loss that requires only the same maintenance as your regular oral hygiene routine. Rather than offering just the appearance of a tooth that has no or little practical use, like dentures or a bridge, a dental implant offers a solid foundation embedded in your jawbone and will allow effective use of the attached crown.

A gap in the mouth or an ill-fitting denture can cause you to slur or mumble, but a dental implant will look and feel like your own teeth, improving the appearance and your speech. Eating will also be easier as nothing is moving around your mouth while you chew.


If you aren’t happy with how straight your teeth look, some things can be done to straighten them out – even in adulthood. Crowded, crooked or protruding teeth can be aided with help from an orthodontist.

Braces have evolved from the full mouth of metal that comes with a dose of PTSD in school. Now, there are clear aligners that are invisible, removable, and comfortable. Made from a mould of your mouth, they are transparent plastic aligners that give you a choice to wear them all the time or only at night to straighten out your teeth.




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