5 Ways to Winter-Proof Your Hair

Winter Hair Dry Hair

During the spring and summer your hair is full of life, and styling your hair takes less effort. As the weather starts to take a turn for the worst, so does your hair. Many people experience excessive dandruff, more static in their hair, dryness and breakage during the fall and winter seasons. There are many things you can do to ensure your hair’s health and to make your hair more manageable. Here are some tips to make your hair winter proof.

Shampoo smarter, not harder

Some shampoos can be very harsh on your hair and scalp, so the first step preparing your hair for winter is using a moisturizing shampoo. Only add shampoo to your roots and massage the residual shampoo down the hair strands. Also consider options that are sulfate free, have natural ingredients, or are for color treated hair. Along with a gentle shampoo you may want to incorporate a scalp treatment to keep your scalp moist and less likely to have a problem with dandruff. Instead of shaping your hair multiple times, just do it once.

Use conditioner before and after you shampoo

The ends of your hair are usually the driest because they are the oldest hair. Before you shampoo your hair, add conditioner to your ends that way the shampoo will not dry them out. After you finish shampooing your hair, use conditioner to return moisture to your hair. There are also cleansing conditioners that you can use instead of shampoo that will condition your hair through the washing process.

Use a deep conditioner or hair mask

Hair masks and deep conditioners are designed to lock moisture and nutrients in your hair to make it stronger, shiner, and healthier. These products are left in your hair for an extended period of time and then get rinsed out thoroughly. You can purchase these kinds of products or you make your own by mixing fruits and natural ingredients like bananas, avocados, and  olive oil.

Stop the static

Wearing a hat during the winter is a necessary evil. Hats keep your hair warm, but they add static to your hair. In order to decrease the static, use a styling lotion or hair serum into to add moisture to your hair. Another way to decrease static is to wear a bonnet or stocking cap under your hat.

Try protective hair styling

When you wear hair down in the winter, it is damaged by wind, sun, cold, and the harshness of indoor heating. In order to protect your hair from these external factors you can use protective styling. Buns, ponytails, braids, and wearing wigs are all examples of protective hairstyles. Using these hairstyles will help your hair grow and become stronger. Some protective hairstyles can last for one day or a couple of months.



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