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Head & Heart

It's not only being physically fit, but emotionally fit, too! Here's how to handle everything from confidence to work stress.

Use Mindfulness to Change your Mood

Overcome with a case of the grumps? Bad day have you heading in a downward spiral? Once the emotion train starts up, it is often...

Brain Boosters: Cognitive Function Foods

Lost the keys again? When I lose the keys I worry a bit about the future of my cognitive function. Is this a sign? Am I starting to lose "it"?

No “Diets” Allowed: How to Maintain a Healthy Weight

Recently I had a reader contact me about providing tips on how to maintain her diet, and ultimately her goal weight once it was reached.

The Diet Game vs Lifestyle Change

These days, you can’t pick up a magazine without headlines sharing how to lose inches in just days. There are a multitude of TV shows...

Diet Sabotage: Break Bad Eating Habits

Every night before I go to bed I envision myself waking up early to create a protein-rich breakfast, masterfully pack my super food lunch...

Depression: Try Exercise for Treatment

Is exercise really an effective option for treating depression? Depression afflicts nearly 1 in 10 Americans according to the CDC.

Aspartame: Sneaky Ingredient that may Cause Weight Gain

Aspartame is an artificial sweetener that many people turn to when they are attempting to lose weight.

Sick Season: Does it Ever End?

As soon as the scarfs and mittens become a part of your daily wardrobe the common cold starts to run rampant. I recently have fallen...

Get your Om on this Winter

Call attention to your downward dog on these cold days. Winter is an excellent time to practice yoga. You can feel wonderfully warm, boost...

Mind over Matter: Is your Mindset a Friend or Foe?

Fitness app downloaded and ready to use? New workout clothes purchased?  Gym schedule printed? Fridge full of fresh produce and lean protein? Even when you have all the...

Healthy Holiday Detox

Having a healthy holiday? Statistically speaking, probably not. The holidays are fraught with toxic bombardment.Toxins are everywhere. They enter our bodies through the chemicals...

How to get your Vitamin D (minus the Sunlight)

During the colder months with decreased daylight hours, the sunshine vitamin becomes better known as the wintertime deficiency. When the chief way to receive...


Liver supplement

A Guide to Finding the Best Liver Health Supplements

The liver may be one of your most important organs, but many people don't think about it until something goes wrong. Although the liver works...
Winter Morning Routine

The Ultimate Morning Routine For Winter Months

It's not easy to get out of bed when you're not a morning person. But it is feasible to make the most of your...
Cancer prevention

How to Lower Your Risk of Cancers

Nobody likes to think they or their family members will develop cancer, but the facts show that around 40% of us will be diagnosed...
lung cancer

How To Comprehend Lung Nodules & Biopsy W/ Tools Like Tool-In-Lesion

A lung nodule is described as a solid formation, almost reminiscent of a marble, which affixes itself to the tissue in the lung. The...