Tips and Tricks for the Whitest and Brightest Smile Ever

teeth whitening tips

What’s better than a white smile – especially against a good tan? Uh, nothing! With the sun coming out more and more these days we need to match our naturally bronzed skin with some pearly whites!

‘A healthy and happy smile has the power to give you all the confidence in the world. Unfortunately, lifestyle choices we make – such as what food and drinks we consume – affect our teeth and for sure not in a good way. Over time, our enamel gets thinner and our teeth color gets duller. it’s not a good look.

Luckily for us, we don’t need to spend a ton of money on teeth whitening strips or weekly visits to the dentist to get the brightest smile ever. Here are some basic tips and easy home remedies we will definitely be practicing this spring.


teeth whitening tips

I don’t mean to sound like your dentist but they are right. Flossing not only reduces your risk for certain gum and mouth diseases but it also prevents staining and tooth decay which can both contribute to our semi-white teeth. Use whitening floss for an even better result. Oral-B explains that whitening floss doesn’t actually bleach your teeth, as some people may think, instead it makes your teeth look whiter by thoroughly removing any particles in between. “…similar to the way that vacuuming or dusting rugs or furniture doesn’t actually change their color, but the colors look brighter when you remove the dust and dirt.”

Limit Certain Things That’ll Stain

teeth whitening tips

I’m not going to tell you to stop drinking red wine or coffee because I would never be able to do that myself. I do know, however, that red wine, coffee, as well as tomato juice, balsamic vinegar, some teas, and sugary drinks have certain harsh chemicals and and tannins (found in tea and wine) that can stain your teeth. If possible, brush your teeth soon after drinking these. If you are out, bring a travel size mouth wash with you and rinse on the go! It also won’t hurt getting rid of the red wine or coffee breath while you’re at it.

Choose Dairy

teeth whitening tips

Dairy products are high in calcium which is essential for strong teeth and bones. Dairy also helps strengthen the enamel and prevent tooth decay! Cheese contains the protein casein which especially plays an important role in repairing worn out tooth enamel. If you love cheese just as much as I do, this is great news!

Stop Smoking

teeth whitening tips

As if the health effects of smoking should scare you away enough, smoking stains your teeth. It also affects the immune system which can cause gum disease and tooth loss. Even if you try to whiten your teeth as a smoker, the effects will be counterproductive anyways because the chemicals in cigarettes are too harsh. The first step in oral health and whiter teeth, as well as an overall healthier life, is to stop smoking.

Baking Soda and Lemon Juice

teeth whitening tips

Baking soda should come to no surprise seeing as it is found in a lot of toothpastes already. Baking soda gently scrubs away surface stains and returns teeth to their happy, white shade. Lemon acts as a natural bleach itself, mixing the two together will give your mouth a cleanse like never before! Simply dip your toothbrush into the mixture and brush as your normally would. If the acidity is too much, add only water to the baking soda and use lemon juice a few days here and there.

Coconut Oil Rinse

teeth whitening tips

Is there anything coconut oil isn’t good for? Along with its endless health benefits to our diet, hair, and skin, it also helps us whiten our teeth! This very old teeth whitening remedy is called “oil pulling”. The “pulling” part is just rinsing as you would with mouth wash, trying to push and pull through your teeth. Rinse a tablespoon or so of coconut oil in your mouth for about 10-12 minutes before brushing. The lauric acid found in coconut oil doesn’t bleach your teeth necessarily, but can rid your mouth of the bacteria in plaque that makes our teeth yellow.

 Strawberry Paste

teeth whitening tips

You might think using strawberries as a teeth whitening agent is weird, but it’s true! Strawberries contain malic acid which has been shown to remove stains as well as prevent them. You can slice them up and rub them on your teeth or mash them, combine with baking soda and turn into a paste. This is the perfect time since strawberries are in season right now! Simply snack on them if you want- get some good nutrition and whiten your teeth at the same time.

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How do you keep your teeth white?

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  1. My husband really wants to whiten his teeth. He was going to buy one of the kits from the supermarket, but I convinced him to try some natural remedies first. I really like the idea of a coconut oil rinse, and think I’ll have him start there! Thanks!


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