Wellness Wire: Swanky Resource Water Brand Takes Heat

You want to feel enlightened while you drink your H2O? A new premium bottled water brand says that it can provide you with “electrolytement.” That is right the Resource water is about more than hydration. It is about being empowered inside and out because Resource Natural Spring Water is being advertised as a lifestyle brand.

Yeah, right.

We do agree that drinking water is of the upmost importance, this might be the most over the top water campaign we have ever seen. The brand has tried to raise awareness about their fashion-forward water by promoting in on an episode of Project Runway and participating in fundraising events for dress for success. They even made a commercial of a woman who fulfilled her quest for success through Resource water.

All of that marketing for a natural resource that is essentially free.

Although we think that the new water campaign is a bit over the top, the release of their natural spring H2O is a good reminder to stay hydrated…even if you aren’t being enlightened while you do it.

Here are 4 ways to ensure you get your water intake in throughout the dog days of summer:

  1. Make a habit of drinking water regularly. Have a glass of water first thing in the morning and schedule drink stops along the way. To start you can set an alarm to alert you until hydrating becomes second nature.
  2. Carry a drink with you everywhere. Put a bottle on your task, carry it to the gym and in the car. Having your H2O with you all the times is a constant reminder to hydrate.
  3. When possible try to drink a little amount more often rather than gulping down your water when you are overly thirsty. Gulping large amounts at once can actually cause greater fluid loss.
  4. Drink water even when you aren’t thirsty. You can be dehydrated even when you don’t feel physically thirsty so stay on top of your hydration levels at all times.

Would you pay top dollar for the new Resource water? How do you remind yourself to stay hydrated?

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  1. No I wouldn’t pay top dollar for this at all!!! I am one who simply buys the cheapest water bottle at the store when I am in need of some agua!! My friend totes PH balance water and all that jazz but it doesn’t make me feel ANY different!!


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