Video: Can You Drink Too Much Water?

Water is everywhere. Literally. It’s used for almost everything and has several benefits when selected as your beverage of choice. The key reason for regularly consuming water is to hydrate. Whether you’ve just completed an intense workout or you’re sitting at your desk at work, it’s important to stay hydrated throughout the day. Plus, you really can’t live without it.

Although it’s not the most delicious thirst quencher out there, it is a vital part of nutrition. We’re constantly being lectured on the importance of drinking water — but having a glass here and there isn’t enough. Many articles and experts stress on drinking at least 3.0 L per day for men and about 2.2 L for women. For those just making the switch from having iced tea with every meal to water-only, these amounts may seem like a lot. But with practice and frequent bathroom breaks, you’ll be drinking like a fish in no time.

Knowing that you have to consume all that water in just one day can also lead to issues for some. People often drink too much in one sitting, unaware of the harm that could follow. There are also those who push the envelope and drink too much water on a daily basis, far exceeding the recommended amount. Both situations hold great risks, making it important to learn the dos and don’ts of guzzling H20.

As it turns out, water intoxication is real. While it’s fairly difficult to reach this point, it’s not wildly unheard of. There have been several cases of hospitalization and death due to water intoxication. But just how much is too much?

AsapSCIENCE posted a video to YouTube highlighting the dangers of water consumption overload and how the body reacts to it. Once you consistently reach 7 or 8 liters a day, your body is at a risk for serious danger. If too much water is consumed, essential vitamins and minerals are diluted in the bloodstream and will not be able to absorb into your body.

The video does a great job of illustrating the effects of water intoxication by breaking it down with marker animations to help you visualize just what’s going on.

Check out the video below:

How much water do you drink daily?


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