Tech Tuesday: Withings Smart Body Analyzer


The Withings Smart Body Analyzer is one bad scale (bad as in badass). It doesn’t just measure body weight, but an assortment of other things. These include lean mass, fat mass, BMI, heart rate, and air quality. It’s therefore a great and fun tool for anyone who’s interested in being healthy such as athletes and dieters.

On its face is a 2.4-by-1.6-inch, 128-by-64-pixel backlit LCD, which shows measurements in big, bright, easy-to-read digits. The back houses the battery compartment for four AAA batteries (included) and you’ll also find two capacitive buttons that you use during setup. Setup occurs entirely on a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth.

You can pair the scale with your phone like any other Bluetooth accessory. From there you’ll want to download the free Withings app for iOS or Android, which will walk you through setting up an account, connecting the scale to your Wi-Fi network, and configuring items like measurement units.

withings-analyzer-scale-2(Photo via takealot)

Using the app or Web interface, you can add users, define body metrics, and track measurements. Up to eight people can use the same scale, and each can track their progress privately. Once users are set up, just step onto the scale and begin tracking your weight, body fat percent, body mass index (BMI), heart rate, and room air quality. All measurements are automatically logged and synced to your online account. Remember though, you’ll have to step on the scale barefoot (duh), and there’s no way to get a full readout for non-registered users. The scale identifies users by weight, with a clever system for choosing between users with close weights—the scale will display both users and prompt you to lean left or right to select the right one. You can still step on the scale with shoes, but it will only display your weight. At the end of each measurement, the Smart Body Analyzer shows your room air temperature and carbon dioxide level. According to Withings, the air quality monitoring lets users know when to let some fresh air in, and high carbon dioxide levels can contribute to less restorative sleep.

withings-analyzer-scale-3(Photo via danholt)

The scale is pretty amazing, and we love it.  We actually featured it in our techy holiday gift guide that also contains some other awesome products as well. If you’re looking for gift ideas, the gift guide is worth a look.

What do you think of the Withings smart body analyzer?

Featured photo via cbsistatic


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