A Holiday Gift Guide for the Tech-Savvy Health Buff

The holiday season is rapidly approaching – seemingly a few days prior to the start of last year’s holiday season – and you’re busy convince yourself that you’re going to resist those extra helpings of casserole and irresistible festive treats.  Before you know it the season has passed and you catch yourself, and your loved ones, peaking in the mirror wondering how to shed those holiday pounds.  Luckily we have you covered with a 2013 holiday gift guide of the latest hi-tech fitness gadgets.  Browse to gather gift ideas for friends, family, and of course, yourself…enjoy!

Nike+ SportsWatch, Nike – $169

Nike + Sports Watch

This nice little creation by Nike allows runners to track distance covered, pace, calories burned and much more.  Additionally, the information can be uploaded to your Nike+ account to keep a detailed record of each workout.

J-Fit Digital Jump Rope, Shopping Warehouse – $14.99

J Fit Digital Jump Rope

The jump rope has been the staple piece of equipment for athletes in training and has now received a major upgrade.  The J-Fit Jump Rope is equipped with a digital counter that keeps track of the number of skips taken.

Hapilabs Hapifork, Hapi – $99


Do you find yourself scarfing down meals a bit too fast?  If so, the Hapifork meticulously details how quickly you finish your meal and will alert you via indicator light if you need to slow down.

Jawbone UP, Jawbone – $129

Jawbone UP

The Jawbone UP will leave you wondering what it doesn’t track.  The Jawbone UP is a sleek bracelet that connects to your smartphone and monitors everything from sleep patterns and moods to food and drink consumption.

FitBit Flex, Fitbit – $100

Fitbit Flex

This simple but sleek wristband tracks distance traveled during your morning job, as well as calories burned.  Unlike other devices of this variety the FitBit Flex also monitors quality and quantity of sleep.

Sportline Hydracoach Intelligent Waterbottle, Amazon – $26.30

Hydracoach Intelligent Waterbottle

Remaining hydrated is vital when working out.  The Intelligent Waterbottle tracks how much liquid you consume as well as calculating the amount of fluid your body needs while pacing your intake.

Nike+ FuelBand, Nike – $149

Nike Fuelband

The FuelBand tracks all physical activity and simplifies the information to provide you with a “NikeFuel” metric.  The data can then be utilized to create goals and improve your workout.

Withings Smart Body Analyzer, Withings – $150

Withings Smart Body Analyzer

With this scale you can learn much more than just your body weight.  The Withings Smart Body Analyzer provides you with body fat percentage, heart rate measurements, and even indoor air quality readings.  The information is then uploaded to your computer through Wi-Fi where you can view detailed reports.

Zensorium Tinké, Zensorium – $119

Zensorium Tinke

Unlike other monitoring devices listed so far the Zensorium Tenké specializes solely on heart health.  Monitoring everything from breaths per minute to blood oxygen saturation this device will help you keep your heart in top shape.

Reebok Checklight, Reebok – $149.98

Reebok Checklight

If your particular sport involves repeated blows to the head, the Reebok Checklight is for you.  Not only does the Checklight track the number of impacts but also the intensity of the hit.

What’s on your wishlist?


  1. OMG this are AMAZING!!!! That fork would kick my ass because I wolf down my food in about 10 seconds! LOL! Bah ha ha! I realized, Whitney just said the same thing!!

    I think I might want to get my sister that jump rope because she lives in FRIGID cold temperatures, she isn’t always going to want to go outside and hike!


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