Healthy Ideas For a Guilt Free Super Bowl

super bowl sunday snacksIt might not be this weekend, but it’s coming up soon on Sunday, February 1st and we want to give you plenty of time to prepare. What are we talking about?

Super Bowl Sunday.

We all know that Super Bowl Sunday is not just about the game – it’s about the food. And for some of us, the food is most important and the commercials are too, of course. With those New Year’s resolutions still in order, there’s no time to start slacking now. We’re not telling you not to dig into all those amazing dishes on game day, we’re just saying there are much healthier options with all the flavor and only half the calories!

A couple fun facts: 14,500 tons of chips, 4,000 tons of popcorn, and 8 million pounds of guacamole are eaten on Super Bowl Sunday each year, and after all the heartburn, over-eating, and gorging, about 1.5 million Americans will “call in sick” on Monday and another 4.4 million are expected to show up late for work.

Don’t be one of these people! We have endless options and ideas for you to enjoy time well spent with family, friends and food without feeling totally guilty the next day.

1. Sun Dried Tomato Hummus via Greatist

super bowl sunday snacks

2. Guiltless Buffalo Wings via Family Cookbook Project

buffalo Image via iStock

3. Healthy Microwave Popcorn via The Yummy Life

super bowl sunday recipes

4. Gluten-Free Vegan Veggie Chili via 86 Lemons

super bowl sunday snacks

5. Baked Coconut Shrimp via Wellness Mama

Coconut shrimp
Image via iStock

6. Cauliflower Pizza Bites via Dashing Dish


7. Zucchini “Fries” via Weight Watchers


8. Almond Butter & Quinoa Blondies via Simply Quinoa


9. Chocolate Covered Domestic Footballs via Domestic Fits


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How Will You Stay “Guilt Free” On Super Bowl Sunday?



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