Super Bowl Sunday: How to Plan The Perfect Game Day Party

It’s hard to believe that the Super Bowl is already here! It feel’s like New Year’s Day was just yesterday! Now that we know the two teams playing in the biggest game of the year — the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks  — it’s time to discuss what’s on everyone’s minds: parties! Whether you’re throwing a huge Super Bowl Sunday party or just watching with your close friends, there are definitely a few things that must be present. Game day is just as much about the food, drinks, and commercials as it is about the actual football game. If you’re looking to really impress your guests (without spending a fortune or wasting days in the kitchen preparing) you’ve come to the right place! We’ll teach you everything you need to know about planning the perfect party for Super Bowl Sunday.

1. Booze

What would a party be without booze? Nothing. If you want to throw a Super Bowl Sunday bash, you need to plan accordingly and have a selection of drinks for your guests. Beer is a no-brainer (mostly for the guys but you still have to make sure there’s good beer). Feel free to serve up a few cocktails or put out a bunch bowl, trust me when I tell you it will be a hit. Here are a few cocktail ideas for Super Bowl Sunday:


This recipe for Bumble Brown Punch is something all of your guests will love. Made with rum and honey amber lager along with spices like cardamom and nutmeg, this drink is delicious and is perfect for game day! Make sure you serve it with plenty of apple slices, they soak up the alcohol and get really sweet and boozy.


Serve these and be prepared to be seriously worshiped (not kidding). These bacon Bloody Mary’s are a sure to be crowd pleaser at your Super Bowl party. Everyone loves bacon and Bloody Mary’s, so why not combine the two? These cocktails are manly enough for even the toughest men to enjoy (and they’ll probably put down their beer to have seconds and thirds). Garnish with salt and lemon or orange. If you’re really aiming high, make candied bacon for this recipe. Yum!

2. Food

This is a given. You can’t have a Super Bowl Sunday party without tons of food. I’m talking appetizers, dips, finger foods, the whole nine yards. Just because you’re serving up game day favorites doesn’t mean you have to serve a plate full of fat and cheese. Try making low calorie dips and appetizers. You can substitute full fat cheese for low-fat cheese in almost any recipe. Try using Greek yogurt or fat-free sour cream in place of mayo, you could also bake things instead of frying them.


Instead of frying buffalo wings, try these delicious (and much less caloric) Baked Buffalo Wings from Foodess. This recipe for baked buffalo chicken wings and crispy and much healthier than traditional wings. They are still packed with flavor and heat and you would probably never notice the difference. Try these baked wings, your arteries will thank you some day!


These sweet potato skins are perfect for Game Day. This recipe from Pinch Of Yum uses wholesome ingredients like sweet potato, black beans, corn, and spicy peppers to create a Mexican inspired potato skin appetizer that is sure to be a crowd pleaser. If you want to make this dish more like nachos, slice your sweet potatoes super thin and bake them until slightly crispy, then arrange the sweet potato ‘chips’ on a plate and top with generous amounts of the filling. Sprinkle with fat-free cheddar cheese, salsa, and homemade guacamole for the perfect Super Bowl Sunday treat.

3. Decorations

Being that this party’s center of attention will be your TV, you don’t need to go overboard with the decor. That being said, it wouldn’t kill you to put in a little effort to make your house/apartment/living room look semi-decorated. Don’t worry, this wont involve laying down astroturf or hanging foam fingers from the ceiling.

football tablecloth

This easy to make football field tablecloth is a perfect decoration for your Game Day party. Complete with easy to follow directions, this DIY tablecloth will impress your guests and really add something to your shin-dig. You could also decorate in other ways, like making chocolate covered strawberries that look like footballs or printing pictures of helmets and tacking them to the walls. These decorations take almost no time to make and will definitely add to the Game Day experience.


These adorable cupcake wrappers and cupcake toppers are super easy to make (and they look really awesome). You can find them online and with a few simple clicks, you cat print them and have great decorations in minutes. They make cupcakes look festive and fancy, and really add to your party decor.

Who are you rooting for this Super Bowl Sunday?



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