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Summer Hair Tips Feature

Despite the many upsides of summer, its effect on our hair isn’t always one of them. Whatever type of hair you have, summer is a time when humidity skyrockets, the sun beats down on us, and sweat is inevitable. This causes our hair to look flat, frizzy or all-around worn out. Taming the mane becomes a frustrating task. Our usual hairspray or styling mousse doesn’t feel right in the sun, and using blow dryers or irons when it’s 90 degrees outside just doesn’t make sense. But with the right products and beauty tips, you can make your hair look great, with just a little work.

  • Cover up. Yes, your hair needs the same coverage your body does when being exposed to sunlight. Think about how your hair fries from blow-drying, curling and flat ironing—the sun causes the same sort of damage over time. UV protective sprays are available when going out in the sun, but the most foolproof way to prevent your hair from sun damage is by wearing a hat or scarf when enduring hours of exposure.
  • Moisturize with oil. There are different types of oil hair treatments on the market, including argan, olive, and shea oils. Applying different types of oil to wet hair before going to the beach or pool will keep your hair from drying out, causing split ends and other forms of damage. After applying the oil, slick your hair back in a trendy bun to soak the oil and keep your hair from frying. A day at the pool shouldn’t mean sacrificing your hair health!
  • Leave fancy products at home. During the summer, extra product in your hair causes grease build-up. In conjunction to the natural sweat and grease the sun causes, extra oil and grease is beyond unnecessary. Products such as hairspray, curling mousse, and shine spray should be left at home. Simply moisturize with a pure oil and allow your natural hair to make an appearance, especially when traveling. Besides, all of that product could cause more issues than the ones you’re trying to tame.
  • Simple Hairstyles. You’ll never win the battle with summer heat. Even in an air conditioned room, humidity and heat still always win. As unfortunate as it is, accommodating your hairstyles is a must. No fancy up-dos, no straightening if you know your hair will curl within an hour, and no caked-on hairspray. Simple styles differ for everyone, but a few examples are: loose buns, low ponytails, natural hair, and a few curls. Try what works best for you and run with it. Plus, switching it up from season to season allows us to experience more with our style and step out of our comfort zone.  
  • Limit Shampooing. This tip is one of the most important summer hair tips out there. When we shampoo our hair, it strips each strand of the natural oil our scalps produce. In the summer when we strip our hair of this oil, it will become dry and make our scalp overcompensate in oil. The sun and wind also cause oil production on our scalp. These mixtures make for one greasy head of hair—and that is never attractive. Some cringe at the thought of those going two or three days without washing their hair. Everyone’s scalp is different, but practicing shampooing a little less each day or going a few days without a proper shampooing may make your hair thankful.

Finding a proper summer hair routine by keeping it simple and not overdoing it may be the key to overcoming summer hair woes. Sometimes, people overcompensate for their hair troubles without realizing that keeping is natural is never a bad answer.


 How do you keep your hair looking great in the summer?

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  1. My hair is on life support. It’s so thin and falls out all the time, regardless of the fact that I eat the healthiest diet and supplement my life as well! Ugh, so frustrating but I just pretend like it doesn’t affect me!


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