Spa Addict: $50 Treatments for your Health from Spa Week

If you crave a little pampering (or the husband’s foot massages just aren’t cutting it) now is the time to jump onto the spa table. Spa Week is launching their bi-annual event for $50 spa treatments at locations across the country–all the luxury while lightening the hit on your wallet. Dream come true if you ask me. Starting today, March 12th, you can book your discounted treatment for relaxation from April 16th through April 22nd. The perfect repose for those of us with spring fever and can’t make it for a beach massage.

Having recently moved to the expensive city of NYC, I haven’t made many appearances to my slew of indulging establishments. But with the help of Spa Week I plan to do some serious pampering. Going to the spa does much more than relax you and cure some nagging discomfort and is really an essential part of head-to-toe wellness

  • Adding some spa time to your schedule can give you a much deserved break from your job or chores where you can get re-energized and re-focused.
  • Giving stress the boot while you are in your chosen sanctuary can boost your mood and your immunity.
  • You can get out of the too familiar desk position that has your back and neck screaming for attention.
  • Physical pampering is a major plus for fitness freaks who need to work through the aches and pains or just take some time off from the free weight area.
  • Therapeutic body polishes can exfoliate your skin and give your biggest organ some relief.
  • Wraps and masks can moisturize, purify and replenish your top layer.
  • You can quickly achieve the “feel good” state by slowing down and balancing your mind, body and soul.

Need I say more? From facials to wraps, manicures to massages, Spa Week is the perfect opportunity to get much needed R & R. For a new spa-goer, this is an excellent time to get aquatinted with the spa world without saving an entire paycheck before stepping through the doors of a 5-star mind and body retreat. The spa savvy have a great chance to take a step out of your comfort zone and spoil yourself with a new treatment you would otherwise leave for the rich and famous. With so many options to choose from at an amazing price you won’t feel like you are missing out on your treasured Swedish massage when you can also enjoy a french vanilla latte facial or a ginger-infused mani/pedi.

How to get yourself on the path to $50 extravagance? Head over to Spa Week, become a member in less than a minute and peruse the spa directory via your whereabouts. Once you have a location selected call the spa oasis directly to book your treatment for the third week of April.

Get your healing experience on the books with a spa celebration worthy of a queen (at a peasant’s price point). The spa should be something everyone enjoys as part of a healthy lifestyle. The deals will quickly get full and you do not want to miss out. Waiting another 6 months for a wellness deal this good would be an atrocious mistake for your mind and body!

Have you ever participated in Spa Week? Find a spa near you!

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