Say Cheese: Eat your way to a Healthy Mouth

We all know to avoid candy and limit our consumption of soft drinks to keep our dentist happy, but there is even more you can do for your oral health besides steering clear of sweets and brushing every day.

Your diet plays a role in your dental health by protecting your teeth and  gums. You’ll be all smiles at your next dental appointment after embracing these eats and drinks for a tooth-friendly diet.

Get Greedy for Green Tea: The popular coffee replacement, green tea contains polyphenol antioxidant plant compounds (chemical components of tea) that help prevent plaque from sticking to your teeth which can help reduce your risk of cavities. The herbal mixture can strengthen tooth enamel because it contains fluoride from the leaves and water that the tea is steeped in. A bonus of green tea: it is known as a bad breath buster as it stops the growth of odor-ridden bacteria. Swish the tea goodness around your mouth before you swallow!

Crush strawberries and rub the pulp on your teeth for a gentle clean and bleach.

Moo for Strong Teeth: Unsweetened, calcium-rich foods like milk, yogurt and cheese are great for your dental health. Milk and yogurt are low in acidity which lessons the enamel wear on your smilers. The high calcium keeps your teeth strong and healthy. Cheese stimulates the production of salvia which helps kill bacteria and balances your mouth’s pH levels. Nosh on a piece of cheese for a dental-friendly bedtime snack that preserves and rebuilds tooth enamel.

C for Happy Gums: Just as vitamin C is good for your skin, your gum tissue also appreciates the benefits of the vitamin.  When lacking vitamin C, the collagen network in your gums can break down which causes your gums to be tender and more susceptible to gum diseases. Be sure to chow down on strawberries, kiwis, dark leafy greens, bell peppers and other fruits and veggies that are bursting with the powerful antioxidant.

Veggie Up: Veggies that are full of vitamin A like carrots, sweet potatoes or broccoli assist in the formation of tooth enamel—another reason to get your daily allowance of vegetables in.  Chewing on raw onions can also help your oral health because onions can kill germs in the mouth and prevent tooth decay. You may not be all smiles after eating raw onion, but strive to include them in your meals whenever possible for strong teeth. Add additional veggies to your sandwiches, on your burgers, pizza and pasta…and top with raw onion!

Extra Bite: Crunchy foods that increase chewing stimulate your gums and act as a cleanser or detergent for your pearly whites by wiping away bacteria neutralizing saliva. Celery and carrots are high on the list of crunchy foods that massages your gum while also helping clean your teeth. Apples are known as “nature’s toothbrush” for the same reason. Make your next snack break a teeth cleaning session with these natural teeth cleaners when you left your toothbrush at home.

How do you keep your teeth clean on-the-go?

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