Primula Products Flavor It Pitcher Review + Giveaway

Flavor It 3-in-1 Beverage System Giveaway from Primula Products

We have a small obsession with kitchen gadgets…especially those that do double duty, save us money or simplify any kitchen activity. So what if we want it all with one simple tool? Because of this we think that the Primula Products Flavor It 3-in-1 Beverage System was made just for our Bite Size hearts!

The Flavor It Pitcher is your beverage making hero. It is a vessel for you to infuse just about anything from water to tea, wine or iced coffee. The possibilities are endless so put your recipe hats on now.

The 3-in-1 Beverage System includes:

  • A Flavor Infuser that can be filled with any fresh fruits, herbs or spices that your mind can come up with. Simply add your ingredients into the infuser and wait for the magic to happen.
  • A Stainless Steel Tea/Coffee Infuser that is designed to brew hot or cold loose tea or ground coffee. The fine-mesh allows your creation to slowly seep into your water. The filter also sits low in the pitcher so you can make small amounts of tea of coffee if you don’t want to brew a whole pot.
  • A Chill Core that is filled with non-toxic gel and used as ice. Since the insert doesn’t melt you never have a diluted beverage. So perfect to have on hand for parties!
Beverage System Inserts

We are huge fans of lemonade so our first infused beverage was simply lemons and raspberries—a refreshing delight! There is no reason to buy bottled tea or powder products when you can easily create your own liquid concoction within seconds. Likely your drink will be healthier and be the fraction of the price of pre-made drinks. And we ain’t mad about that.

More reasons to go ga-ga over this kitchen gadget:

  • We would never say being a mixologist was our thing, but now, we can.
  • Making our own flavored water dramatically increased our H2O consumption.
  • Iced coffee problems solved! No more watered down cup of Joe with the help of our stainless steel infuser and chill core.
  • The design of the pitcher is very sleek and efficient. It can fit into your fridge door.
  • Don’t worry the beverage system is dishwasher safe! The last thing we want to do after creating a dream drink is do MORE dishes. It is also BPA-free and scratch resistant.
  • One of the recipes suggestions on the “How to Use” pamphlet was for sangria. Clearly this gets us very excited.

We know at this point you are super jealous about our beverage system, but because we love our BSW readers so very much we wanted to share the love! Primula Products has generously offered to give one Flavor It to one of YOU. (Must be in the US to win.)

Did we mention how amazing this pitcher will be during hot summer months when all you want is a refreshing drink?

Yup, time to enter. Lots of luck!

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