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This week is Mental Illness Awareness Week and it’s important to help out the cause. While, fortunately, mental illness has become decreasingly taboo as time goes on, there is still much work to do to create awareness and fund raise for charities and organizations. Oftentimes, people think that because a problem is not physical or visible, it’s not there, which is simply not true. Anxiety, depression, and other disorders are very real and can even feel debilitating. If you have ever struggled with these things, the feeling of being paralyzed and isolated can be recalled and feel all too familiar. Helplessness often results from these consistent and recurring struggles that only seem to worsen when others around you are not acknowledging (or are even denying) the problem.

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Luckily, some big players in the beauty world are stepping up to the plate. If you loved philosophy skin care products before, you’ll love them even more now. With their hope & grace initiative, which launched in July of this year (2014), the company is pledging 1% of their product sales  to support community-based mental health organizations and efforts for women.

Some statistics – grabbed from the philosophy press release – to consider are:

  • There are more than 450 million people worldwide suffering from mild to serious mental health issues.
  • 1 in 4 adults (approx 61.5 million Americans) experience mental illness in a given year.
  • 1 in 17 Americans (approx 13.6 million people) lives with a serious mental illness such as schizophrenia, major depression, or bipolar disorder.
  • About 1 in 8 women can expect to develop clinical depression, yet fewer than 50% will ever seek care, largely due to to stigma.
  • 22% of American women report anxiety on a daily/weekly basis.
  • 41.3% of adults in the US never receive treatment for a serious mental illness due to stigma.

No one can deny that the numbers are staggering and heartbreaking, but now there’s a way to help even if it’s in an inadvertent way. The next time you purchase skincare products, invest in philosophy. Not only will you be making yourself happy, but you might just be making someone else’s day happier, too.

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Take a look at the video and some of our favorite philosophy products to get your shopping (and good deed) done for the day.

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(clockwise from left to right)

1. pore refining duo $67 This cleanser and mask duo will help make every girl’s dream come true: pore-less, radiant, and smooth skin.

2. no reason to hide trial kit $59  No make up? No problem. Here’s your secret to truly flawless skin sans cover-up.

3. purity made simple $10-52 The classic philosophy cleaner, this cleanser only requires a simply one-step lather.

4. amazing grace whipped body creme $32  Body lotion is a must but not all two are made the same. This version is decadently rich and nourishing.

5. clear days ahead acne spot treatment $18 Bad breakout? No problem. We’ve all been there. Step number 1 is to NOT PICK IT. Step number 2? Dab this on overnight.

6. hope in a jar moisturizer $15-67 Sometimes, the everyday creams, products, and weather changes really dry us out. Try out this moisturizer to quench your skin’s thirst!

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How will you be contributing to Mental Health Awareness?



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