Link Love: Healthy and Happy Reads


Who doesn’t love clicking around the internet to find interesting and entertaining stories and videos? Learn something new and have a good laugh with these links! 

Fitnessy Reads

All of us have different characteristics and personalities, so of course this would also be the case in the gym. Check out this humorous list of gym personalities and maybe you’ll identify with one of them! (via  The Stir) 

Beauty-Full Advice

We are big believers in the fun of shopping, especially when it has to do with promoting a healthy lifestyle. Looking for suggestions on what products are the best for your springtime runs? Check it out. (via Fit Sugar)

Work, Life and Stuff

Mental Floss is a great magazine and website for all of you trivia junkies out there. Every week, they post videos on YouTube full of funny random information. This week, learn about 50 weird laws that still exist in the U.S. (via Mental Floss)

Don’t MIND if We Do

Throughout our whole lives, we are told to be ourselves. But is it as easy as it sounds? Here are some tips. (via Oprah)

Eat Me

Warm weather means it’s time to whip out the blender! Try out some of these smoothie recipes inspired by exotic destinations  all over the world. (via Mind Body Green)

Blog in the Limelight

We have loved reading through Casey Ho’s blog Blogilates! Check it out for great fitness advice, cute clothes, and informative posts. (via Blogilates)

Selfish Shout Out

After a gym session, or even a day at the office, wouldn’t it be nice to perk up your hair by refreshing it with some delicious scents? We think so!! Check out our review of Mane Teeze, and enter for a chance to win a bottle of your own! (via Bite Size Wellness)

What did we miss? Share your favorite links from this week below!


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