Overworked Hands: Massages for the iPhone and Blackberry Obsessed

Rigorous texting and typing on our smartphones has caused a real problem:  gripes about hand cramps and finger aches. We live in a hi-tech world and the spa industry recognizes this, so spas across the nation have started adding a remedy to the spa menu that caters to iPhone and BlackBerry addicts. Commonly dubbed the Blackberry Hand Massage, the massage therapist focuses on easing the tension and soreness in the fingers, hands, wrists and arm muscles—an area of the body that is typically short-lived during the basic Swedish massage. When you feel like you’ve spent too much time posting Facebook updates, playing Words with Friends or sending e-mails on a miniature keypad, hand relief can be a lifesaver for your overworked hands.

Give your hands and handheld devices a break at these locations:

The PDA Hand Massage (25 minutes, $80) from the Stillwater Spa at the Hyatt Regency in Newport, RI incorporates acupressure and deep therapeutic massage in the hand and arm muscles with a focus on the thumbs and wrists. A complimentary Blackberry Balm (made of the fruit, of course) comes with the service for after massage at home use.

The Texting Tension Tamer (50 minutes, $120) at Monhonk Mountain House in New Paltz, NY focuses on relieving the upper body with special attention to the hands and forearms to relax you after increased hours spent online.

Unwind at the Omni Bedford Springs Resort in Bedford, PA with the Blackberry Retreat for text-free hand therapy accompanied by a blackberry salt exfoliation and a blackberry vanilla moisturizer.

Photo courtesy of GrowWear (CC BY-SA 3.0)


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