Daily Bite Wellness Tip: Make Your Workout Fun With Advice From One Of NYC’s Best Fitness Instructors

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mitchell crunch instructor fitness tips

Image courtesy of Crunch

Mitchell, who was just named one of Bazaar editors’ favorite fitness instructors, has put together 3 amazing fitness tips to help us make our workouts more fun and enjoyable. If you won’t listen to us, who better to take advice from than a Crunch Live instructor!?

He not only leads fun and inspiring fitness classes at Crunch, he is a choreographer, so he knows how to burn calories and have a lot of fun doing it.

Here’s what the instructor has to say on making your workout as fun as it can possibly be:

1. A good playlist is EVERYTHING– Music that motivates you can really help inspire the extra push we can ALL appreciate when trying to get an effective workout. Not to mention it can help keep a good momentum and give a rhythm you pace yourself with.

2. Change it up and try new things– Your body is always trying to adjust. When you change things up, not only do you shock your body and potentially get a greater workout but you may find new things to keep the workout interesting.

3. Phone a motivating friend and buddy up!– Many of us find ourselves getting so much more out of our workouts when we are not alone. If possible, find a buddy or two to share the experience and alternate trading workout exercise techniques. Their added creativity can inspire much more effective productivity.

Other than being an amazing instructor and choreographer, Wayne teaches and performs striptease and burlesque! He is not afraid to let his guard down and he wants you to do the same. He truly expresses the Crunch’s No Judgement philosophy.

We can all use a little bit of Mitchell’s attitude towards breaking a sweat and having a great time, right? Talk about letting your guard down – watch this great Crunch Live video of Mitchell instructing the “Laugh Your Ass Off” workout. It will instantly put a smile on your face and make you want to get to work!

Are you as in love with Mitchell as we are? If so, we have a great proposal for those of you looking to get worked out by the instructor himself in the comfort of your own home. As an exclusive offer to BSW readers, you can now try the Crunch Live service for yourself (for 7 days and totally free of charge) by using code: BITE7. Test it out and tell us what you think!

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