Daily Bite Wellness Tip: Get A Workout Buddy!

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Daily Bite Wellness Tip Workout Buddy Benefits

Having trouble keeping your motivation up? Has your workout gotten kind of boring? Is the cashier at your local market clearly sick of you holding up the line with your awkward, socially-out-of-place exercise progress chat? Then you need a workout buddy!

Workout buddies are great because of how much you can motivate each other. You can swap exercise tips and techniques to keep things interesting, and there’s no talking yourself out of the trip to the gym if you’re obligated by a plan with another person. Who would ever want to be considered the “flaky” friend?

The social aspect will also makes the time go faster, or make it enjoyable enough that you no longer mind working out. Instead of viewing exercise as a necessary evil, you will start considering it as a hobby and even prime bonding time, whether it’s with your mom, your friend, or even your boyfriend!

In addition to the benefits above, studies have show that working out with someone might actually push you to work harder. Have you ever taken a group class and noticed that you work your butt off making sure you’re not the “laggard” of the class? Similarly, working with a friend – especially if they are stronger, faster, etc. than you – will push you to work twice as hard and try new moves. No one wants to be the one lagging behind either.

Finally, having a workout buddy is that you have someone to talk with about your success, or lack of, with all the details, because they’re as interested in the subject as you are. If there’s no one in your life ready to pair up, don’t worry, there are plenty of apps to find workout buddies locally near you.


How will you motivate your workout buddy?

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