Link Love: Couples Workouts, Vegan Fast Food and More

Link Love Feb 8

It’s a blizzard in NYC, but we are cool with it because it is still Friday and we like our slippers…a little too much. Winter storm Nemo won’t keep us down.

The weather may be disappointing for city dwellers, but the wellness web did not let us down. This week we decided to up our couples workouts and that the Mediterranean Diet will make us more brainy.

Here are the links we like (a lot):

Fitnessy Reads

Sweat sessions with your sweetheart are stretching beyond V-Day. Love is in the gym! Are Couples Workouts Having a Moment?  (via Well + Good)

Beauty-Full Advice

The lovely Lauren Conrad shared her fashion expertise to pump up your love life. 10 Romantic February Style Ideas (via Lauren Conrad)

Work, Life and Stuff

A large amount of the appeal of fast food restaurants comes from the fact that they are so convenient. The great news is that there are numerous cities that are planning to open vegan and healthy fast food options for people on the go. Vegan Fast Food Drive-Through Coming to Memphis (via Veg News)

Don’t MIND if We Do

The Mediterranean Diet is good for your waistline and your BRAIN. Mediterranean Diet Might Be Healthier for Brain (via Everyday Health)

Eat Me

Everyone loves finding recipes for healthy spins on everyday snacks. Carrots are nutritious and delicious, so why not turn them into your new favorite kind of chip! Try out these recipes for both spicy and sweet carrot chips. Crispy Baked Carrot Chips 2 Ways (via FitSugar)

Blog in the Limelight

Since are in the midst of Nemo who couldn’t not share this winter workout. Blizzard Boot Camp  (via Girl Gone Healthy)

Selfish Shout Out

Eat toast with us…the fancy way. 10 Fancy Toast Recipes to Love (via the one and only Bite Size Wellness)

What are your favorite links this week? Share them or tweet what articles have been on your mind to @BiteSzWellness.

photo credit: Ravages via photopin cc



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