Indoor Plants To Decorate And De-Stress Any Home

indoor plants benefits

We LOVE to garden in the spring. There is no better time to add life and color to the yard. But what about indoor plants? Houseplants are the ultimate decoration in any room. They add a certain look and smell that a lot of other decorations cant provide. Not only are they relaxing to look at, but they purify the air (win, win)! Spending time outdoors has been linked to reduced stress levels so why not bring some of mother nature into your own home. We have rounded up the 8 best houseplants that are low maintenance, add oxygen to the air, and clear out toxins- for a safer, more relaxing home.

Aloe Plant

indoor plants benefits

The gel of the aloe plant has many healing properties such as soothing burns and cuts. It also helps to monitor the air quality in the home. Not only can aloe help clear the air of pollutants but it’s leaves react when there are pollutants in the air by showing brown spots to let you know. Aloe grows best in the sun so let it sit in a window sill or sunny room!

Peace Lily

indoor plants benefits

Their beauty alone reason enough to acquire a peace lily. This is a really low maintenance plant and needs to be kept in the shade/cooler temperatures. Peace lillies reduce the number of toxins in the air and will add a wonderful look to your living room or bedroom.

Snake Plant

indoor plants benefits

The best thing about snake plants is that they absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen during the night. They don’t need much water or sunlight so it’s perfect for someone on the go all the time. Put a snake plant in any corner of your home and it’ll provide decoration and clean air!

Red-Edged Dracaena 

indoor plants benefits

Watch out! These guys can grow up to 15 feet high. If you need to fill space, this is the plant to go with. Its beautiful red leaves give off a cool, yet different vibe. Red-edged dracaenas grow best in the sun and have been known to rid the air of toxins such as xylene, which is found in rubber, leather and certain paints; and formaldehyde.

English Ivy

indoor plants benefits

Even NASA listed this plant as one of the best household plants for air-filtering. English ivy works especially well on formaldehyde. It can be used as a hanging plant or floor plant so its versatile and easy to keep up. It needs semi-sunlight and a moderate amount of water to grow.

Bamboo Palm

indoor plants benefits

This plant also came in on NASA’s best air-filtering plants list. They give off a sense of peace and calmness when used to decorate the house. They do however need to be watered a lot and cannot be in any sunlight.


indoor plants benefits

Add a pretty and romantic feel to your home with the beautiful heart-shaped philodendron. They are easy to care for and can grow into long vines. If properly cared for, they can keep for years! All they need is a little water and a little sunlight.

Spider Plant

indoor plants benefits

The spider plant is one of the most common houseplants. They are not only decorative but easy to care for and work wonders for the air- especially carbon monoxide which can be a real safety hazard in a home.

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What’s your favorite indoor plant? 

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