10 Feng Shui Tips to Clear your Mind

We all look to find a sense of calmness when we arrive home after juggling multiple tasks at work all day or keeping up with the house to-dos. Some of us drink a cup of hot tea or go for a run to calm our nerves. Others of us relax our mind by pulling out the yoga mat or taking a hot bath. But there are ways to create harmony and tranquility just by sitting in your home. Feng shui helps balance the energies around you to clear your mind and live your life with a little less stress.

Many people try to incorporate feng shui into their lives but don’t know where to start. Feng Shui at Work designed this infographic to help you start the process of feeling calm, cool and collected in 10 easy steps.

The year is almost over! Clear the clutter in your house and mind now and feel mentally refreshed before January 1.

Feng Shui at Work

Have you tried any of these feng shui techniques? How do you relax your mind?

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  1. I love the point about light. I’ve had skylights the last few years and don’t think I could ever go back to not living on the top floor of a building and having them provide all the light I need during the day.

    • I have to be honest I am a curtain lover and sleep in a cave, but I will be opening those curtains daily after being reminded how important natural light is.


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