California-Based Glyder Creates Stylish, Sturdy Activewear

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Orange County, California-based Glyder makes activewear designed for the California cool girl. Think: colorful space dye prints, tank tops with intricate strap designs and space dye absolutely everywhere.

The company’s tanks, tops and jackets always looked chic and bold, and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on their pieces. Luckily, the brand sent me a few items from its Intensity Collection, which are designed to be worn during high-impact, super sweaty cardio activities.

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Coincidentally, I’m training for a half marathon and decided to try these stylish duds out during some of my long runs.

Runner Tank $66

Glyder Runner Tank

This tank top just looks gorgeous. The mesh at the top gives it an edge and the visible seam underneath the bust line provides a nice, curvy shape that really emphasizes your chest. The pink lined zip pocket in the back is perfect for storing keys. I appreciated the bra, but I wouldn’t recommend just wearing this alone for busty women. The bra’s elastic goes across and digs into the rib cage, which felt a tad uncomfortable at first, but is a feature you’ll get used to overtime. Overall, I’d say this would be perfect for your average spin or low-impact cardio class. It would probably work for cardio activities for flat-chested women, but bustier women will need to accompany this with a bra.

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Cardio Freak Crop $72

Glyder Cardio Freak Crop

The beauty in these capris lies in the small details: the high waist, the pink zipper in the back and front and the mesh panel on the side of the legs. These perform with the best of them. They stay on during long runs and you can expect a moisture-wicking, soft and thick material that feels sturdy. Plus, these have (four!) pockets—perfect for storing keys, gels and pretty much any other knick-knack you can think of. My only issue with these capris is that they’re rather plain. That being said, they perform well and may find a home in your activewear closet as your basic, go-to pair.

Although I thought each piece performed well and looked good, for this brand, each one was a little plain. I spent so much time salivating over the company’s space dye material and off-the-shoulder T-shirts that I couldn’t help but want some more creatively designed pieces. I guess I’ll just have to buy a few myself.

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What are your thoughts on Glyder apparel?

All images via Glyder


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