Review: NinaB.Roze’s Signature Heart Butt Legging Wows

How much would you shell out to get a yoga butt?

Nina B Roze is an L.A.-based brand whose signature products are yoga pants with a heart shape on the back designed to give wearers a coveted “yoga butt.” Naturally, I was initially a little skeptical of this selling point, but that faded away quickly when I tried these on. These capris—made out of a thick, durable material that feel like luxury—really do give you that coveted, lifted derriere. I’d count these among one of my favorite pairs of stretchy capris, and I certainly have plenty lining my closet.

nina b roze signature leggings review

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Founder Nina Berenboym designed young contemporary, juniors and tweens fashion for retail giants like Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, Macy’s, Target and Kohl’s before starting her own company. According to the company’s official website, the brand is “inspired by Victorian era, infused with femininity and elegance, each design emphasizing on luxurious style and comfort. Silhouettes include intricate details and shapes that accentuate a woman’s body, while technical fabrics are chosen for durability, moisture management and superb fit.”

Putting these on does feel slipping into a pair of capris that only Kim K would don. The material is thick, durable and stylish. Naturally, these past the bend test with flying colors. They’re moisture-wicking and offer just enough compression to shape and smooth without being too constrictive. The high waist will help keep your tummy under wraps, but don’t ride down or around as you exert yourself as much compression wear tends to.

nina b roze signature leggings review

Because of their functionality, these would be the perfect studio-to-brunch pair of yoga pants. I wore these on a recent plane ride and felt totally comfortable and stylish, and I definitely cannot say that about every pair of capris I own.

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My only complaints about these is that—cute heart butt aside—these capris are rather plain. The market is super saturated at this point, and brands really need to stand out from the competition to make a true impression. NinaB.Roze has one selling point, but sometimes that’s all a company needs to thrive. If you prefer plain black athletic gear, however, these are fantastic.

nina b roze signature leggings review

In addition, I also noticed that these didn’t breathe as well as I would have liked. I felt slightly overheated at times. It wasn’t unbearable, but noticeable enough, so if you are a sweaty yogi, these might be better suited for an Iyengar yoga class as opposed to a Vinyasa flow.

Finally, at $75 per pair, these don’t come cheap. But the brand does offer sales so you can nab a pair for less. Bottom line? I would certainly recommend these if you’re searching for that high-end pair that will give you the perfect rear end for a Kim Kardashian-worthy belfie.

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