Get an All-Natural Face Lift with Face Yoga

Yoga has made its way beyond the mat and onto your face.

Just as you can tighten and tone the muscles below your neck with exercise, face yoga can provide the same firming benefits…just be prepared to laugh at your wrinkle prevention face moves that are (definitely) amusing.

Facial yoga is made up of face exercises that are meant to keep your skin tension-free, strong and supple without pricey creams or surgeries. Relieving built up tension in your face will rejuvenate your complexion as you help control the way your face shapes itself au natural.

From cheek sculpting to lip fullness, face yoga can make a major impact on your appearance. All you need is yourself, the power to focus and a mirror (or a friend who wants to look as foolish as you while you both beautify)! Here is a list of starter routines to keep you looking and feeling forever young:


You are working out muscles you never knew existed so likely you will be sore the following day. Think of it as weightlifting for your face. There are bound to be those “good sore” side effects. Your next yoga practice can be double duty if you can concentrate on smoothing your brows while sitting in lotus position or striking lion face in an inversion. No judgment while on the mat, right?

Get started with this “wrinkles be gone” lesson from Annelise Hagen, yoga expert and author of The Yoga Face. Practice some face control with long-term benefits!

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  1. Hee hee hee hee hee…I LOVE IT. I used to do these weird face exercises to tighten my neck, and these totally remind me of those! That said, I’ll be honest – I LOVE a good lion’s breath in yoga class, no matter how weird my face may look!


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