Pretty & Pamper Can This Fruit Tame Your Frizzy Locks Once And For All?

Can This Fruit Tame Your Frizzy Locks Once And For All?

frizzy hair avocado treatment

With springtime on the horizon, we can bet that warmer days are on their way. Though we still have some time before summer arrives, it’s never too early to plan on combating an unwelcome byproduct of hot weather—humidity. Humidity is hair’s worst enemy in the summer, and we are no strangers to trying to find remedies that will keep our hair smooth and frizz-free. Unfortunately, many of the products we find in stores can be expensive and, even worse, might contain chemicals that damage our hair. Thankfully, there is a natural remedy for taming the effects of a summer’s day on our hair and you can find it at your local grocery store.

Humidity is known to ruin anyone’s good hair day, but what about it makes our hair go from sleek and straight to lion’s mane in under five minutes? An information website, How Stuff Works, tells us “When air is humid, high levels of hydrogen are present. (Remember, water is two parts hydrogen, one part oxygen.” On days where the humidity levels are high, our hair sucks in moisture from the air, and voilà, we have frizz. Unfortunately for us, “the chemical makeup of human hair is extremely sensitive to airborne hydrogen,” so on humid days, it is inevitable that our hair will be the first to feel the effects of mugginess.

Hair texture is determined by “middle layer of the hair, which comprises coiled bundle of keratin proteins [a key component to human hair, nails, and skin] and are held together by chemical bonds, created either by sulfur atoms or hydrogen atoms,” How Stuff Works explains. Our hair takes shape depending on the amount of hydrogen atom bonds that hair absorbs. When the air is humid, the amount of hydrogen bonds increase in each hair follicle and “swells until it disrupts the cuticle, which is the smooth outermost layer of the hair.” And there you have it, folks. That how your hair becomes frizzy.

Though we have yet to find a way to control the weather, we can fight its effects on our hair, and avocados might just be our weapon of choice!

frizzy hair avocado treatment

The fashion website, Free People supports the use of avocado hair masks and states that, when mixed together, “Avocado and olive oil both have amazing hydrating benefits, and avocado also has the good kind of fatty acids to help sooth frizziness.” The combination of avocado with olive oil creates a soothing mixture that will leave your hair feeling silky smooth and frizz free. Free People suggests to “Mash up the avocado and add a splash of olive oil, whipping the two together. [Shampoo hair and then] apply the mask to your hair. Let sit for 30 minutes to an hour,” then rinse and condition your hair.

Verdict: Fact. The high content of vitamin E and the replenishing qualities of avocados render this common fruit to be one of the best for hair. Apply an avocado mask once a week or once every other week to avoid drying out your hair. Talk to your hair stylist about other masks you could use that contain avocados. This summer, don’t let frizz rule your hair—Mother Nature will be there to back you up.

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