Fave Things Friday: 3 Products to Help your Resolutions Stick

3 Products to Help your Resolutions Stick

Have you committed to do something for your wellbeing this year? Most of us could use a little help reaching our goals. Here are 3 products that are helping us reach our healthy goals for this year and many more to come.

1. A Chic Apron from Anthropologie for your Healthy Cooking Plans

Cooking and dining at home saves you money and calories. Get inspired to browse through recipes on Pinterest or dust off the old cookbooks with a new, fashionable apron to use. Plus wearing a beautiful apron will encourage you to cook a beautiful meal.

Anthropologie Apron

2. Nike FuelBand for your Fitness Goals

It is a natural vow to shed some pounds come the New Year and the Nike Fuel Band will increase your day-to-day activity. With a constant reminder to move on your wrist, getting those extra steps in is bound to happen. The leading edge accelerometer is discreet and has an LED display that tracks your calories burned, the steps you have taken and calculates your “fuel” based on your goals. You can visualize your progress and go the extra mile to reach your goals. ($149)

Nike Fuelband

3. A Paper Mouse Pad from Knock Knock for your Office Organization

This handy accessory will help you stay on track at work so you can stop racking up the overtime and instead spend more time with your friends and family. This to-do list gives you easy access to write down notes and thoughts in the most convenient space. The Information Central mouse pad is not the only Knock Knock product that we love. There is a 5-day work week calendar we are eyeing up too. ($10)

To-Do Mouse Pad from Knock Knock

What products do you depend on to reach your healthy goals? Share them below!

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