Daily Bite Wellness Tip: Stretch When You Wake Up

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Daily Bite Wellness Tip Morning Stretching

Feeling run down in the mornings? Sluggish? Not really a morning person? Well, you are not alone. More often than not, we hear people exclaiming that they simply cannot function without their morning cup of coffee. Understandable. That caffeine boost is a perfect jump start, but we at Bite Size Wellness are always on the lookout for a more natural approach to health. Something we have found to wake you right up and start you off on the right foot happens to be as simple as stretching.

Many swear by their morning workout, but it will never happen if you aren’t motivated or even awake enough to get to the gym. The best way to prepare yourself is by getting your blood flowing and body moving. Just like stretching directly before your weight lifting session or run is important to prevent injuries, the morning stretch should be looked at as the motivation you need to get there. Morning stretches, sun salutations, or even meditation will acclimate you to your surroundings and have you simply feeling present.

Neck & shoulder, spinal, and hamstring stretches are great to focus on. This is because those are the main areas in which we hold the most of our stress and/or are the tightest in. Try them out every morning for at least 15 minutes as soon as you wake up and tell us how you feel!


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What is your morning routine usually like?


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