5 Reasons Why You Need to Attend a Nurse Practitioner Conference

In the last two years, the number of nurse practitioners or NPs in the United States has grown from 248,000 to 270,000. Patients are now gravitating towards the comprehensive, patient-centered, and high-quality health care that nurse practitioners can provide. The strengthening trust of patients with nurse practitioners is evident in the 1.06 billion patient consultations that occurred in 2018. 

There is a nationwide increase in demand for nurse practitioners brought about by the aging American population and the shortage of primary care physicians. To provide optimal care amidst changes in medical technology and education, these in-demand healthcare workers need to sharpen their saw through nurse practitioner conferences.

Conferences allow nurse practitioners to increase their knowledge while having some fun.  These three-day conferences usually consist of learning sessions facilitated by top-rated and experienced medical faculty.  Evenings are for some relaxation within the stunning conference locations.

Amidst the rigorous shifts and jam packed schedules, nurse practitioners allot time to attend conferences for the following reasons:

For Certification Purposes

Conferences help nurses acquire certification for a specific specialty. For example, a Nurse Pharmacology Conference will help NPs earn 15 hours of nurse pharmacology credits that they can use to renew their NP certification.

Nurse Practitioners will be able to use the credits that they earned in applying for specific departments in a medical health facility. Attending conferences shows that an NP values continuing education and training to advance his knowledge further.

For Education

The fast-changing world of medicine requires a lifetime of learning. It is the nurse practitioner’s responsibility to stay on top of the continually evolving trends in health care. The advances in medication, research, and the patient’s access to information via the internet are vital factors for investing in continuing education.

Nurse practitioner conferences provide exposure to new ideas, breakthroughs in research, discoveries in technology, and real-life cases.

A report from the Institute of Medicine recommends that nurses engage in training and education to ensure lifelong learning and professional advancement.

For Personal Growth

Spending time in a new environment overflowing with like-minded people, and further information enhances personal growth. Interactions with former and new colleagues will foster a lively exchange of information and experiences that could help develop new research and teaching strategies. Participating in sessions stimulates confidence and people skills.

For Career Advancement

If a leadership position is one of your long -term goals, then nurse practitioner conferences are for you. Whatever job you are aiming for, the conference will provide you the knowledge and skills to move further in your career. A conference is your chance to meet the movers and shakers in the NP industry. You can build your network for future collaborations and work referrals.

For Some Relaxation

Nurses often endure hours of grueling shifts and patient consultations. A conference is their chance to veer away from their daily grind to recharge. They think of it as a learning vacation – a perfect balance of work and play.

These professionals also get the chance to explore the host cities such as Florida, Hawaii, and Las Vegas and embark on exciting adventures. They will go home feeling more exuberant and ready to face another year of providing excellent service to their patients.

One of the critical factors to professional success is to invest in learning. Attending a nursing conference will allow you to be the best Nurse Practitioner that provides exemplary care to their patients.



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