Daily Bite [LOL]: Welcome to Thug Kitchen

Ladies and gentlemen, we’d like to introduce you to Thug Kitchen, the greatest thing to hit the Internet in a food-related capacity since we don’t know when. Basically, the site gives you kick-ass recipes with very, ah, colorful language. If you don’t like the occasional — and by occasional, we mean constant — f-bomb, then this probably isn’t the site for you. But, come on, it’s hilarious.

First of all, the food looks pretty spectacular. Second of all, the catchphrase is “Eat Like You Give a Fuck”. Seriously, this is just too good. Before you do anything on the site, read the FAQ because it’s pretty much just as entertaining as the rest of the site (but with fewer pictures). This guy has a talent for profanity to say the least.

Anyway, we don’t want to spoil your fun, but we rounded up some of our favorite posts below. Each picture  comes with a recipe (duh, we provided the link), so check that out, too.

(Warning: Procrastinators beware. The site is fully addicting. It’s like new-and-improved food porn.)

daily bite LOL thug kitchen sundried tomato spread

Full Recipe 

daily bite LOL thug kitchen pasta salad

Full Recipe 

daily bite LOL thug kitchen coffee

Full Recipe 

daily bite LOL thug kitchen tempeh

Full Recipe

daily bite LOL thug kitchen snow peas

Full Recipe 

We all know this is your new favorite virtual cookbook.


  1. I’m not squeamish about cursing, can pop off a pretty good stream of it myself when some idiot won’t use a turn signal, but you lost me by the third picture. While the recipes may be fine, this guy (it’s got to be a guy) needs to learn the definition of overkill.


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