Bytes for Breakfast: Face Slap Facials + Skin Healthy Breakfast Bake

We thought electric facials were verging on crazy, but nothing can compare to a slap in the face to firm your face.

You read that right…face slapping can bring out your hidden beauty potential to keep your face looking young. Tata, a Thai masseuse in San Francisco, is offering the “ancient Thai art of face slapping” to customers who are willing to endure a little pain for the sake of beauty.

The unique technique is a non-invasive, natural way to wake up the face muscles by increasing blood flow and stimulating your face nerves which will inevitably lessen your wrinkles and firm your skin. Not sure how many takers are out there willing to take the abuse, but those who do can expect results to last about 6 months.

So how much will a smack session put you back? The cost for one treatment is $350, cash only.

We thought we had heard it all when it comes to skin care…what will they come out with next?

Take an insider look on the face slapping beauty treatment with today’s video from Newsy:

Salon Offers To Slap Years Off Your Face



For those of you that will be forgoing the slap in the face technique, you can still care for your skin the all-natural way with this strawberry banana breakfast bake from Family Fresh Cooking. The breakfast casserole is full of skin-friendly nutrients that prevent wrinkle and moisturize the skin from the inside out. Raise your hand if you prefer this meal over a slap in the face!

Strawberry Banana Breakfast Bake

What do you think of the face slapping technique? Would you prefer to care for your skin from the inside out?

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