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Lacy Cooke has been writing since she was 8 years old. Although she would move to Middle Earth and live in the Shire if possible, her favorite Earth place is Lake Tahoe. She is a California native recently transplanted to Connecticut. Lacy loves her husband, her kitten Hobbes, all kinds of tea, yoga, and reading. She can be found elsewhere online at Sputnik Prose.


How Your Teeth Can Influence Your Overall Health

Your teeth play a bigger role in your overall health than you likely realize. They’re more than just a pearly white smile or a...
detox tips

What are the dangers of detoxing alone?

Detoxing on your own is a viable option but may not always be the best course of action. Many variables contribute to the severity...
Menstruating at festivals

Menstruating at festivals: Have yourself an eco-friendly period

  As our awareness of plastic pollution increases, many people are attempting to lead a far more eco-friendly lifestyle. But in the environment of a...
Cup of coffee

7 other ways to boost your energy levels

Put down that cup of coffee and keep reading.  Here are 7 other ways to boost your energy levels. Eat vegetables Specifically, green vegetables like baby...