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Lacy Cooke has been writing since she was 8 years old. Although she would move to Middle Earth and live in the Shire if possible, her favorite Earth place is Lake Tahoe. She is a California native recently transplanted to Connecticut. Lacy loves her husband, her kitten Hobbes, all kinds of tea, yoga, and reading. She can be found elsewhere online at Sputnik Prose.


Training to be a nurse

Training to Become a Nurse in 2021: A Guide

Working as a nurse can be very rewarding. As someone who cares for and wants to look after others, a nurse will find treating...

4 Customizable Gifts That They’ll Love

Gift giving is the most nerve wracking part of any holiday. We all know that feeling of suspense as you watch someone...
7 Body Diseases

Top 7 Body Diseases You May Not Have Heard About

  A rare disease can be any disease that affects only a few people in a particular geographic location. Because of their unique...
power rope training

Battle Rope Training – Test your Fitness Limits

Heavy ropes exercises are extraordinarily simple and straightforward. All you need is a battle rope, like Hyper rope and an anchor. That's...