Argus Review: New All-in-One Healthy-Living App



The problem with most fitness and health apps is that they’re too specific. Don’t get me wrong — I’m a big fan of Nike Running and Nike Training Club, and I have friends who frequently use food-related apps like MyFitnessPal. But what about an app that doesn’t focus just on weight loss or just on working out, but instead focuses on the overarching task of maintaining a healthy lifestyle? Does it exist? Well, now it does — and it’s free.

It’s called Argus, and it was created by Azumio, who’s is responsible for a plethora of fitness- and health-related apps, including Stress Check and Glucose Buddy. It seems as though Azumio realized that it wasn’t convenient to market these apps individually and quickly created what is soon-to-be the most popular lifestyle app out there (or so we assume). Basically, Argus tackles all your health all at once.

The app allows you to track all your progress, from the miles you’re running — or walking — to the food you’re eating and the amount of water you’re drinking. (That’s a big deal for us. So much of your health is based on the amount of water you drink, and Argus allows you to monitor the number of glasses you’re having with the click of a button.)

Argus is also incredibly selfless, which is an odd thing to say about an inanimate object. Nonetheless, it’s true. The app allows you to connect with and install other apps that help you achieve your goals, such as LifeTrak, Withings, and Sleep Time (another benefit of the app: It factors in how much you’re sleeping and how peaceful your sleep really is).

Argus also allows you to set goals for yourself and lets you know when you reach — or, of course, don’t reach — them. And, like all apps nowadays, it provides the option to connect with friends and share your healthy-living experience.

Argus makes tracking your progress easy, simple, and a click away. Thanks to Azumio, getting healthy just got a lot easier.

Will you be using the Argus app?


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