Can Aloe Vera Help Heal a Blister?

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This weekend, I ran a nine mile race through Central Park that left my feet aching. My toes are so filled with blisters that even just standing still hurts. Everything I’ve ever read says not to pop a blister and to let it fade naturally, but I am willing to try anything that might help speed up the process. After doing some research, I found a claim that states that, when applied to the area, Aloe vera can help lessen the pain of a blister. Applying Aloe vera to flight a blister seems easy enough, but will it work?

Blisters are most often caused by the repeated rubbing of skin against a surface, whether it be heavy socks in running sneakers or the strap of a sandal, and they often go away on their own.  Healthline, explains that “this common cause of blistering produces vesicles [the medical term for blisters] when friction between your skin and the shoe causes layers of skin to separate and fill with fluid.” We all have probably experienced a blister at some point and know how uncomfortable they can be. While the healing process takes some time, if the blister is irritating us, we know how quickly we want it to disappear. Healthline backs up the claim that we shouldn’t pop a blister because “the skin over the fluid protects you from infection.” So, even though that pouch of fluid is irritating, resist the urge to pop it, it’s actually helping!

Despite what most of us may think, Aloe vera’s healing powers extend further than just soothing our skin after a sunburn.  A website dedicated to providing information about the aloe plant, Aloe Plant, explains that Aloe vera is an “astringent […which means it…] draws the body tissues together and prevents the flow of secretions. Aloe vera gel aids in the skin’s ability to control excess serum secretions that can burst the blister.” While the only way to fully get rid of a blister is to allow it to run its course naturally, Aloe Vera can help make the process more comfortable. Aloe Plant explains that “the skin area [around the blister] should be treated with liberal amounts of Aloe Vera gel, and then the area should be left uncovered for 15 to 30 minutes until the gel is absorbed.” I tried this remedy, and after the Aloe vera began to soak into my skin, I put a band aid over them to seal in the gel and keep the blisters protected.

Verdict: Truth. Aloe vera can help alleviate blisters. I found the coolness of Aloe vera made my feet feel better, despite the blisters still being there. Even though Aloe vera didn’t shrink or make the blisters disappear, its soothing properties did help to lessen the pain. If you are going to apply Aloe vera to your skin, Aloe Plant warns us to be careful because “when a blister is already open, the Aloe Vera gel should be applied only to the area surrounding the open skin.” Speak with your doctor and see if Aloe vera is safe for you to use on your blisters.

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What are some of the aloe vera benefits you know about?


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