5 Fitness Fashion Essentials for Fall to Winter


5 Fitness Fashion Essentials for Fall to Winter

Instead of feeling disgruntled that your favorite running path will soon be (or is!) covered with snow, celebrate winter workouts with the perfect gear. Amanda from Run to the Finish shares her recommended fitness clothing that will keep you warm, but not too warm as the seasons change.


It’s not quite time for fleece-lined gear and yet too chilly for shorts…so what is a girl to do? Go shopping!

Here are some of the new “in-between weather” fitness pieces I have tested out lately to get used transition into a new season.

1. Oakley Long Sleeve Continuity Half Zip Jersey

Oakley Long Sleeve Continuity Half Zip Jersey
A fitted long sleeve pullover that is light weight, wicking and anti-microbial. This is not your standard bulking pull over, it provides just slightly more coverage than a long sleeve shirt. ($54)

2. Oakley Speed Burst Tights

Oakley Speed Burst Tights

These fitted pants were the perfect weight for a half marathon, ensuring that I was warm at the start and finish line, but temperature regulated throughout the race as the moisture was pulled away from my skin and they retain shape.! So no saggy bottoms or knees after wearing them for a while. ($74)

3. FreeMotion Whisper Jacket

FreeMotion Whisper Jacket
This jacket has a fit that is universally flattering. I know this because I saw a ton of women wearing it last weekend and regardless of shape it made everyone look slim and fit. That’s an outfit I can get behind! ($98)

4. Asics Jaide Hoodie

Asics Jaide Hoodie

Perfect for a morning run when you start out feeling a chill, but as you warm up the hood can be pulled off to release head heat. It also has a great little media pocket! ($60)

5. GapFit gFast Colorblock Leggings

GapFit gFast Colorblock Leggings
No one has to know you actually walked the last tough hill in these pants…wearing these you automatically look fast! Fantastic moisture wicking pants, hidden media pocket and great fit. ($54.95)

Do you have the perfect transitional gear? Share your favorites below.



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