10 Essentials for New Runners

Whenever you take on a new hobby there are always some items you need to purchase to succeed when it comes to scrap booking or to fitness. Walking into Dick’s Sporting Goods can be overwhelming for a new runner which is why Amanda from Run to the Finish complied an easy list of running essentials for new (and seasoned!) runners. Cute garb is always a plus, but do you have all the tools of the trade to make your first run not be your last? Whether you are jogging through the park or challenging yourself in a race you want to have these running tools:

1. Body Glide – Eliminate chaffing and ensure you’ve got no reason to stop. Vaseline works well too!

2. Wool socks – They are the best at pulling moisture away from your foot which helps to prevent blisters

3. Running shoes – Stop running in your cross trainers and get fitted for a true pair of running shoes. Your local running shop will analyze your stride for free and let you run around in the shoes to test them out.

4. Salt Stick tablets – During summer sweat-fests you can wash out your electrolytes with all the water you are taking in and electrolyte tablets like SaltStick that will help to keep you balanced.

5. MapMyRun – No need to run out and get a GPS watch when you are starting out! Instead you can look up your route and distance on MapMyRun.

6. Anti-bacterial – If you want that dry fit clothing you are buying to keep you smelling like a rose, be sure to look for “anti-bacterial” on the label.

7. Sunglasses – Not only do they protect your eyes from flying debris, but they ensure you don’t squint which helps to keep your face relaxed.

8. Handheld Water Bottle – For many new runners a handheld water bottle is easier to adjust to than a waist belt and takes less effort to grip than a water bottle alone.

9. Foam Roller – This is the friend and foe of all distance runners as it allows you to break up tissue and prevent muscle tightness which can lead to IT Band issues. However, when you are starting out a foam roller will be a lifesaver when you are sore.

10. Yoga DVD – If you don’t have access to a yoga studio at home DVD’s or YogaDownload is a great tool to lengthen out the muscles that are shortened by running. It creates strength and will allow you to get faster without injury over time.

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Do you have any must-haves for running that were left off the list? What is always packed in your running bag? Tell us below!


  1. Hello Amanda. These are some great tips for the newbies in the world of running. These tips are necessary to maintain in order to have an delightful running experience. Great post, very informative. Thanks so much.

  2. Amanda, I had to laugh at numbers 9 and 10! Every runner I know has ended up best friends with their foam roller and yoga DVD’s!
    Thanks for this great list!

  3. Oh my gosh I totally totally 100% agree about the cross trainers!! At first it may seem like an “innocent” decision to run in them. But I learned my lesson when a few months ago, I finally ended up with some minor injuries and strained muscles all over my lower body after several months of running in my Adidas cross trainers.

    Now I have an amazing pair of asics that just hug my feet and support my lack of arches, and I’ve never been healthier and better with my running! 😉 Great post Amanda~

  4. Excellent advice to keep the fire for running. Here is where I get to plug Brooks Running Shoes. I also like the wool socks idea. Thin socks with little to no seam is also nice.


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