Make It Possible! Achieve Work Life Balance.

work life balance

Even when we’re not physically at work, we’re still either thinking about work or even working from another location. However, we tend to think that sometimes it is better to keep your work life and home life completely separate, or find a happy balance between the two. Juggling too much at the same time doesn’t make it easy on you, your loved ones or your stress level.

Here is some of our best advice for achieving the much coveted “work life balance”. Believe us. It’s possible!

1. Organize Yourself

work life balanceWhen there is a lot going on at work and at home, it’s hard to keep track of what is what. Stay organized and buy yourself a planner where you can put every event into (both work and home related), to avoid double booking. Doing this digitally – perhaps on your iCalendar – works just as well. On Sundays, look ahead in the week to make sure you know what is going on and what needs to get done so you’re not forgetful as the week goes on. Pencil in even the most mundane of tasks like grocery shopping or scheduling your workouts in order to keep yourself accountable And be happy when you see days with nothing planned!

2. Be Flexible

work life balance

It’s important to know that things can change on a dime. You have to know what needs to be done but at the same time never get too comfortable or strict with a routine. Especially if you have kids and spouses, they might have plans for you that you won’t even know about until last minute and they’ll expect you to be there! Balancing your work and personal life is definitely a “give” and “take”. When you are on your own it’s much easier to make your schedule and stick to it, but more often than not this is not the case.

3. Don’t Feel Bad

work life balance

Forgive yourself if there is an event you need to miss due to work or a meeting that needs to be missed due to something going on in your personal life. Guilt can create a lot of negative emotional energy, which can cause anxiety and – potentially – depression. This can effect all aspects of your life but realizing now that saying no is sometimes ok and you cannot be in two places at once will keep you focused and on course.

 4. Exercise

People running on treadmills

This comes in conjunction with a healthy diet and plenty of sleep, of course. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will only benefit your mental and physical health. But we all know squeezing in time at the gym after a long day is not an easy task either. Desk work outs anyone? There are plenty ways to stay fit at the office. If not, do a work out video at home or get a treadmill so you don’t have to leave again once you get home. Either way, carving out time in your day to work out is essentially giving yourself a sliver of personal “me” time in a hectic work day.

5. Take Breaks From Both

Young woman by the water's edge

Find time for yourself! You cannot be successful at anything else when you don’t take care of your own self first. Figure out the ways that help you relax the most. Maybe it is the gym, getting away from the office and family to break a sweat is time very well spent for yourself. Being alone every once in a while gives you time to recharge the batteries a little and you’ll see how much your work and life benefit from it.

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How do you keep you work and personal life balanced?


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