Video: The Stereotypical People You See at the Gym

Unless you have a bunch of workout equipment at home, exercise solely by running in the great outdoors, use Wii Fit, or don’t work out at all, chances are you regularly pay visits to your local gym of choice.  Especially around this time of year, when people are still dedicated to their resolutions to go to the gym more, they gym can be pretty packed.  The presence of large amounts of people may detract slightly from your ability to perform your regular workout, such as your favorite machines being full, but also provide ample opportunities for people watching.  And lets face it, watching the guy next to you struggle is way more entertaining than just staring at your own biceps.

No matter what part of the country your gym is in, odds are you encounter the same type of person wherever you go.  Stereotypes come from somewhere, and the gym generally has no shortage of stereotypical people.  Dude Perfect has put together an amazing video depicting all of the stereotypes you are likely to encounter at the gym, and they pretty much hit the nail on the head.  From the naked old guy that lurks around the locker room to the dude that can’t stop admiring his barely existent “guns” in the mirror, I think the gems over at Dude Perfect have all the bases covered.  Not only are their representations of the stereotypes mostly true, their execution is hysterical.  Towards the beginning when the one guy leaned on a machine and fell down, I literally had to pause the video because I was laughing too hard.  Even though the video is 6 minutes long, every second is worth it.

If you are someone who goes to the gym a lot and makes fun of the people that interrupt or distract you from your workout, this video might become your new favorite thing.  And if you don’t currently go to the gym, but plan on starting, maybe you should also watch this video and avoid embodying any of these people.

Which gym stereotype are you?



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