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Guest post by Madeline at Food, Fitness and Family

Smart phone apps are taking the fitness world by storm. It seems for every activity there are 1,000 apps to use that go along with it!  One of my favorite ways to exercise is to just hit the pavement and RUN!  With the plethora of running apps available for the iPhone I knew I needed some help finding the best of the best!  A call out to my Twitter friends solved my problems.  Here are the top 5 most recommended running apps from other health minded people on the web:



1.  miCoach
miCoach provides real-time coaching directly in your ear. Using GPS, the coach helps guide your pace.  You can choose from different workout plans based on your goals, whether you want to increase your speed or just run farther. One cool feature is that it tracks your elevation!  This is a feature I haven’t seen often in other running apps. Cost: FREE



2.  iSmoothRun
iSmoothRun uses both a GPS and an accelerometer so you don’t have to worry about a weak GPS signal. This also allows for a seamless transition from an outdoor to an indoor run. This app also has a built in cadence. Another unique feature is that this app has an “auto pause” for when you are doing city running. If you get stopped at a stop light the app automatically will pause and then resume when you start up again. Cost: $1.99




3.  Couch to 5K
A ton of people of had great success with this app! It’s a great resource for anyone trying to get off the couch and wanting to become a runner. The app designs plans for beginners based on 30 minutes per day, 3 days per week for 9 weeks. The app utilizes intervals of running and walking to slowly increase the user’s mileage until they reach 3.1 miles, or exactly a 5K. Cost: $0.99



4.  RunKeeper
RunKeeper utilizes GPS to track your workouts.  You can also manually enter them.  RunKeeper provides audio cues based on time or distance.  Another cool feature is that you can enter a target pace at the beginning of your workout and the app will help coach you to maintain that pace.  It also tracks a variety of sports making it functional beyond just running. The best part of RunKeeper?  It comes with a website and online community.  Online you can plan new routes, track your splits and map elevation. Cost: FREE




5.  Runmeter GPS
Runmeter tracks your time, distance, speed, elevation and location. You can also compete against your previous workouts along a specific route or against another user. The app also allows you to configure customized intervals. A neat feature is that you can download different voices so you can find a “coach” you like to listen to! Pretty awesome if you ask me! Cost: $4.99



There are many other running apps out there on iPhone and other operating systems.  These were just a sampling!  The key to being a successful runner is to find an app that works for YOU and suites YOUR needs. Happy running!

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What are your favorite running apps? Let’s discuss in the comments section below!

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  1. ahhhh it’s Madeline!!!! <3 Great guest post girly!

    I didn't realize there were so many running aps out there — P uses map my run and some other webpage but he'll be thrilled to tinker around with these for his droid… though i'm thinking of surprising him with an iphone!


  2. I will have to check some of these great tools out. I also like healthcare apps such as iResus, iBP, endogoddess app, Fooducate , MyQuitCoach, FitnessClass. It sure is a fun world we live in. So much information and support at just the touch of a button. Never-mind that it is just a bit addicting!

  3. Perfect timing Madeline as I’m just now bringing running back into my weekly fitness routine! My fave old school “app” – the good ole fashioned iPod. The right tunes can keep me going for miles!

  4. Run Keeper is definitely my favorite. It’s had some great updates lately. Love the updates every 5 minutes, they really push me to go further and faster!


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