Tech Tuesday: Waterlogged App Review

Waterlogged App 1

Waterlogged: The app that reminds you to drink water. Sounds silly? It’s not at all. Hear me out! We honestly do not drink as much water as we should. I mean, we consume a lot of beverages on a daily basis but it’s safe to say that water is the minority among them. Coffee? All day, ‘err day. Juice? The best…especially when served in a little cardboard box poked through with a straw. Beer/Wine/Liquor? ALL OF THE ALCOHOL ALL OF THE TIME. But water? Available in vending machines, taps, and street gutters (please don’t drink that gunk…I’m just saying it’s there) everywhere, this fluid is the basis of all life and yet we give it so little love. Well, it’s time for that change. Introducing, Waterlogged! This app not only reminds you to drink water, it also tracks the whens, wheres, and of hows of your consumption!

When you open the app, you are immediately brought to the home screen, which is where the bulk of the app’s functioning takes place. An empty water bottle sits in the middle of the screen, patiently waiting for you to fill it. By simply poking the bottle, a new screen pops up that allows you to log your water intake either by volume (oz, L, or mL) or by glass size. Once you input your first glass, the empty bottle begins to fill up depending on how little or how much you drank. Pretty nifty, huh? This app also allows you to create mini-goals so that you will be alerted at set intervals to remind you to take a few sips of some H2O. Unfortunately, I believe that function is only available with the paid version of the app but it’s okay! Because the free version leaves you with the freedom to set individual alarms (complete with little messages) to keep you drinking (water, people…it ain’t happy hour yet).  If you have a fitbit and the app that goes along with it, Waterlogged is completely compatible with it so any water you log will automatically get updated to your fitbit profile! To top it all off, this handy app can be customized to fit your own specific tastes. The bottle on the home page can currently be changed to a tumbler, snowflake, or a picture of your own choosing! Drinking water has never been so fun.

Waterlogged App 2

Overall, Waterlogged is a simple-to-use app that can help you increase your water consumption with little to no effort. I don’t know about you but I am a sucker for all things interactive so since I downloaded this app, I’ve been drinking (and logging!) double the amount of water just because I love to see the little virtual bottle  fill up.  The app takes up a mere 8.9 MB (to put that in perspective, facebook takes up 53.1 MB) so there is no excuse not to download it. The Waterlogged app is both cute and efficient and, by encouraging you to drink just a little bit more water everyday, it can make you both those things too!


  • Customize water goals to fit your needs
  • Change the in-app containers to match yours (bottle, tumbler, etc.)
  • Keep track of consumption (or not) with optional badges


  • The mini-goals require a $4.00 update to use
  • Beer can’t be logged

You can download Waterlogged in the iTunes App Store.

Will you be trying Waterlogged?


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