Tech Tuesday: Jefit – The No-Brainer Exercise Trainer App

Sometimes the struggle in getting in a good workout session is finding the time. If you’re a busy person, carving out 30-60 minutes of your day is difficult enough — never mind actually having to plan out exactly what you need to do. A personal trainer would be ideal for those quick and intense sessions, but they can be super pricey. So, as a result, a lot of people just go through the motions or squeeze in a run on the treadmill and say that it’s “good enough.”

Whether you’re in a crunch for time or you just want to be in-and-out, the most important thing is having an effective workout. Walking around the gym trying out every machine isn’t the best method for toning your body. For the same reason, neither is spending 5 minutes between each exercise trying to think of something you can do next. You might spend hours on Pinterest finding the best fat-burning moves for your midsection or another “killer abs workout,” but unless you memorize them, those things aren’t easily accessible when you’re ready to hit the gym.

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A successful workout begins with efficiency. You should be able to start your workout with your goals clearly thought out: the areas you plan to focus on, the exercises you’ll perform, and a coordinating end-time. But doing so off the top of your head isn’t always possible, especially with more stressful things on your mind. But having these things planned ahead of time is crucial for achieving results. You’ll find that with a set agenda, you will fit more exercises in and your overall workout will be much more effective. Without spending money for a personal trainer or wasting time reading (and soon forgetting) about Self magazine’s favorite moves, how can you get the most out of your next date with the gym?

Luckily, there’s an app that does it for you. It’s called Jefit and it’s an exercise database that provides the tools and resources necessary to improve your overall health. It can keep track of body statistics, create weekly routines, find exercises specific to certain muscles, times your working and resting periods. It’s like a personal trainer for your pocket! The Jefit website is free to all users and gives them complete access to everything the site has to offer. When users create a profile, they can use Jefit forums, download any of the 1,000+ routines, and synchronize their daily achievements between the app and site in order to track their progress. The app is available for iOS and Android platforms and is also free for both.

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In Jefit, you can select from their thousands of pre-made routines that have been designed to achieve an array of different results — you can do anything from ‘Advanced Baseball Training’ to ‘Beginner Kettlebell Toning.’ Each routine can be found at beginner, intermediate, or advanced levels. You can also customize these routines to change how many days a week you will exercise, on which days, and even rearrange, delete, or add exercises. If you don’t find a routine that appeals to you (although it’s hard not to!), you can create your own. Simply select a part of the body that you would like to incorporate in your schedule and Jefit will provide you with a list of different moves specifically targeting those muscles.

With an app like this, you don’t have to say, “What should I do now?” Jefit has it planned for you!


– Does the “thinking” for you
– Tracks your progress
– Tons of routines to choose from at all levels
– Exercises are available for every area
– Can automatically sync to your account


– Does involve some planning, but it’s minor
– Requires you to manually type in number of reps you completed

Will you download Jefit to help reach your fitness goals?

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