Tanya-B’s Signature Halter Tops Will Blow You Away

tanya-b review

In today’s crowded activewear market, retailers have to stand out to get attention. And Tanya B does just that with its signature tie-dye halter.

Interestingly, the founder’s background is as colorful as her products. After teaching math and yoga to high school students in Long Beach, California, she saw how transformative yoga can be and wanted to share that feeling with others.

She took her skills to Hong Kong and then New York before she was inspired to create her own brand. Thankfully for activewear junkies everywhere, she eventually found her current calling as a designer based in California. I put her pieces to the test to see just how well they performed – not only how beautiful they looked.

Tie-Dye Halter $86

tanya b halter top review

This is the brand’s most eye-catching piece. There are plenty of activewear companies out there and pretty much none of them make halters. The most miraculous thing about this top? It actually stayed on. Now, I wouldn’t wear this a high-impact cardio class or anything like that. But this would work for your average Pilates or yoga class. My other favorite perk was that the straps didn’t dig into my neck like I thought they would.I thought I’d have problems with the vertical stripes making me look wider, but that wasn’t an issue at all. However, if you’re a simpler gal, the company makes an all black option if you’re not a fan of horizontal stripes. The only real issue I had with this is that it did ride up during yoga class. If you’re uncomfortable showing your tummy, you should take note of this.

Peacock Three Quarter Legging

tanya b legging review

Let’s talk about this blue color…because I fell in love with it. My closet is mostly a sea of black, so it’s nice to have some brighter options. These are really comfortable and moisture-wicking to boot. The high-waist makes it very flattering for many women. The only drawback to these is that while they do offer compression, it’s not a tremendous amount. Don’t expect these to sculpt and lift you like some other options on the market.

However, if you could use a basic colored legging to spice up your wardrobe, this might be the right pair for you.

Overall, it’s nice to see a new and stylish brand on the market that is making products that fall outside of the traditional activewear mold. While I’m not sure that halter tops will be enough to sustain an entire line, Tanya-B might just prove me wrong.

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