Spring Into Love! 15 Awesome Date Ideas For This Season

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Flowers aren’t the only thing to bloom during springtime. How about romance? There’s a reason why they call it a “spring fling” after all…Whether its your first date or one of many, there are endless ideas for the season. Ditch the weekly indoor Netflix binge, get outside and do something different. From incredibly lavish to completely free, we have the perfect date ideas for every budget.

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1. Have Lunch or Dinner Outside

spring date ideas

What’s better than lunch outside on a sunny day?! Light, casual and totally fun – especially for a first date. And no pressure of keeping it going if it turns out to be a nightmare. Eek! We’ve certainly been there before.

2. Visit a Brewery or Winery

spring date ideas

Go by yourselves or meet up with another couple! Breweries and wineries are the perfect idea for a date whether you live in the city or the suburbs. It’s a great atmosphere which should keep energy levels high.

3. Go to the Zoo

spring date ideas

Lions, tigers, and bears oh my! Visit your local zoo and feed the animals together! Trust us, you do not want to wait until the summer, things can get smelly.

4. Visit a Botanical Garden

spring date ideas

Every major city has a botanical garden. Find yours and have a romantic afternoon walking along the roses and orchids.

5. Mini Golf

spring date ideas

Show your competitive side! Make a bet and the loser has to buy dinner, or ice cream! If you’re terrible at mini-golf, don’t worry. At least you will be provided with many, many laughs.

6. See a Drive-In Movie

spring date ideas

Although these are becoming harder to find, it’ll be totally worth it. Kick it old school, relax and enjoy a movie without having to leave your car. Don’t forget the popcorn!

7. Walk Along the Beach

spring date ideas

Even if it’s a little chilly out, it still is way better than the winter we just had! Walking along the beach is one of the most fun and relaxing things you can do this spring.

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8. Tandem Bike Ride

spring date ideas

Step out of your comfort zone and and hop on a tandem bike. Ride through different parks and adventure out with your partner. Plus, once you get tired, you can let them do all the work!

9. Visit the Farmer’s Market

spring date ideas

Pick out your favorite fruits and vegetables and let the date continue into the night. Afterwards, go ahead and make a homemade, healthy meal together at home!

10. Hot Air Balloon Ride

Hot Air Balloons.

For those who love to try something new and aren’t afraid of heights! Turn your date into something out of The Bachelor.

11. Go to a Theme Park

Young happy couple having fun at amusement park

Show your adventurous side! Go on every swing ride, roller coaster and Ferris wheel. End the night with cotton candy to share.

12. Picnic at Sunset

spring date ideas

Whether it’s at the beach or the park, give the typical day time picnic a romantic twist and go at night. Eat, drink and relax as you watch the sunset together!

13. Go Fishing

spring date ideas

Show him your outdoorsy side and go fishing! He’ll be impressed you want to try something he is into. And he’ll be even more impressed if you catch something.

14. Go out for Ice Cream

spring date ideas

Hopefully you win that mini golf bet! Going out for ice cream is the perfect date idea for new couples who want to get to know each other better.

15. Stargaze

spring date ideas

Whatever the date is, end the evening with looking up at the stars together. What is more romantic than that?

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What’s your favorite date idea for spring?


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