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Valentines Day is right around the corner – a time to show how much we love someone, and we know you want to keep your significant other happy and healthy this year. Being in a mentally and physically healthy relationship will not only improve your mood but your overall heath and wellness too.

Couples who work out together stay together right? There is no better fitness partner than your very own life partner! No one is more supportive of you than them, and if they are not the work out type, encourage them, it is an excuse to spend more time together after all. Couples spend most of their day time apart due to careers and other responsibilities. Instead of hitting the gym alone, plan a workout time that fits both of your schedules, it’ll be a great way to blow off steam after a long day. Walk the dog, take a yoga class or even just take a stroll in the park- these are all ways to improve your health and relationship. Don’t feel obligated to work out with them every single day, however. Some flexibility and freedom is also healthy.

Need more healthy relationship ideas? Make dinner together during the week. Leave going out for the weekends. This will save you both money and necessary energy. Studies have shown that couples who cook together are significantly more satisfied in all areas of their lives than couples who don’t. How about stuffed peppers or fish tacos? Both are easy, healthy and fun (or, check out our food round-ups here) and unlike going out to dinner, you know exactly what’s going in your food. Cooking with another person requires a lot of communication! From picking out recipes to putting together the grocery list, communication is key. Pour a couple glasses of wine, turn on some of your favorite tunes and have fun together. Kids in the house? Get them in on the cooking too! It is never too early to teach your kids the art of cooking and the importance of a healthy meal. Whether its helping you stir, wash vegetables or set the table- kids love to have a job. This can be a new family ritual!

It’s safe to say that every relationship has their ups and downs but to keep a positive and healthy environment remember it takes two to tango, its important to always respect one another, compromise, communicate, listen and of course laugh! EverydayHealth explains,

“A healthy romance is one in which each partner sees the best in the other and each of you becomes better than you would have been on your own.”

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How do you maintain a healthy relationship?


  1. Highly appreciate with you. Now a days it is very difficult to continue a relationship at happy and healthy and hope this post will help us to do it.

    • It definitely is hard nowadays, but the best thing I’ve found to help me with my relationships (romantic or not) is loving myself first!


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