Rosemary Oil May Just Be What Saves Your Strands!

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Between stress, frequent washes, and using products that may actually do more harm than good, there are plenty of reasons why we experience hair loss. Generally, most of us probably lose a normal amount of hair each day. Actually, despite what we may think after cleaning our hair brush, the normal amount of hair we shed daily isn’t even noticeable. During times of stress however, the amount of hair we lose tends to increase, which could turn into another reason for stress – thus promoting the vicious cycle.

If you feel like you’re losing more hair than normal, some researchers believe rosemary oil could be here to help.

While it’s normal for us to lose hair every day, excessive hair loss is a common issue that can be a result of stress, hormonal changes, or genetics. According to a health and beauty website, You Beauty, Amy McMichael, M.D., explains that “as hair cycles between phases of growth and rest, everyone naturally loses between 50 and 100 hairs a day, depending on genetics.” If you’re looking at the drain of your shower and thinking you could make a wig with the amount of hair you lost, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Losing hair in the shower is the most common place to shed, since we are scrubbing at our heads.

You Beauty states that “if you have curlier hair, shed strands often get caught in their stable neighbors and might not be freed until you wash your hair […] and that means you could conceivably pull out significantly more than a hundred hairs in a single shower.” So, don’t worry if at the end of the shower you are left wondering how you still have hair left on your head. Doctors agree that the only time you should question your shedding pattern is if you notice a change in the amount of hair that is falling out.

While some aspects of hair shedding may be linked to genetics, there are many ways we can keep our hair looking its fullest. Limiting the use of heating appliances and making sure not to brush wet hair are two easy ways to help prevent excess hair loss but, if you feel you need an extra hand, rosemary oil may be able to help.

Live Strong, explains that “Valerie Ann Worwood, in her book, “The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy,” […explains that] rosemary oil stimulates cell division and dilates blood vessels and, in turn, stimulates hair follicles into producing new hair growth.” By rubbing the essential oil into the roots of our hair, some experts believe rosemary oil will increase hair growth, therefore, making hair thicker and fuller. A website dedicated to information for helping hair growth, Ms. Full Hair, states that “research conducted by the University of Maryland Medical Center indicates that there is a close link between rosemary oil and hair growth.” The researchers “studied 84 people who suffer from alopecia areata (hair falling out in bald patches) […and instructed them] to massage their scalps with rosemary essential oil, and a few other essential oils such as lavender and thyme, daily for seven months,” Ms. Full Hair explains. According to the study, the researchers found that “the participants experienced significant hair regrowth,” which suggests that rosemary oil can help stop excessive shedding, Ms. Full Hair concludes.

Verdict: Truth. Research has supported that rosemary oil can help people who are experiencing an extra amount of hair loss. It is important, however, to speak with your doctor if you feel the amount of hair you are losing has dramatically increased. If the doctor gives you the okay, then give rosemary oil a try for a relaxing way to stimulate your hair follicles!

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