Retro Pilates Fashion Courtesy of Risa Sheppard

We’ve followed Risa Sheppard for a while now in the pages of magazines like Vogue and Ladies Home Journal. It was kind of obvious that she was a real fitness veteran. After all, Risa is often considered to be the woman who introduced America to Pilates.What we didn’t realize was that Risa started out back in 1975.

Check out her official promo reel, though, and you can see all the passing decades on parade. In fact, Risa’s reel doubles as a quick¬†history of ‘70s and ’80s workout fashions. They weren’t all such great ideas. But that doesn’t stop us from wanting to dress in leotards and legwarmers everyday for Halloween. You never know when you need to bust a move, right?

Actually,¬†Risa manages to look kind of classy through this trip back in time. That’s pretty impressive, since it’s not easy looking poised while chatting away on television in a leotard. It’s really the guys (and some other gals) who show off some unfortunate fashion choices. See for yourself–but you may never look at Pat Sajak the same way again…


Did you ever make some unfortunate fitness fashion choices that you laugh about now? What is your go-to fitness outfit? Let’s laugh together below!


  1. Well, I suppose my teenaged black lipstick was laughable to
    many…though I still wear enough black to get the goth label sometimes so I can’t laugh too hard, oops!
    But due to the fact that I often am running to a ballet class and that they do a lovely job of keeping my short-skirt loving self warm, I still rock the legwarmers all the time:)

  2. Thanks for the great article on fitness fashions! I’m proud to be part of that. I do wish to mention, that there are several great Pilates teachers that have come before me, and I am happy to be among them.

    • Wow! Thanks for commenting Risa! It is quite the honor. Of course there are many great Pilates teachers who have left an impact in the fitness world! Appreciate you taking the time to visit BSW.


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