Olive Oil Facial Cleanser – It’s What You’ve Been Waiting For

It seems like every other day there is a new facial cleanser that promises to make your skin soft, smooth and super clean. Oh, and chances are, it costs a pretty penny. If you’re like us and are super tired of wasting money on chemical-filled products, then you’re going to want to watch the video above.

In the vide above, EstheKitchen host Jessica Bartley is showing us how to use olive oil face cleanser to remove makeup and leave our skin feeling amazing. The best part? All you need is olive oil. That’s right, simply rub some olive oil onto your face and use a wet wash cloth to work it into your skin. Then, just rinse with water. And let’s not forget, it’s all natural.

Now, there are some cons to washing with olive oil. If you have very oily skin, washing with the oil might irritate your skin and may cause a breakout. If you have very dry skin, this could ideally be a great alternative to soap that leaves your skin tight after washing.

Regardless of your skin type, give this beauty trick a try. You might end up with an incredible glow.

Watch the video above to see more from Jessica Bartley, and let us know in the comments below if you’ve tried washing your face with olive oil.

Will you give this olive oil face cleanser a try?


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