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Have you ever seen a Slow Loris being tickled? How about the world’s oldest hamburger? If you answered “no” to these questions, then you should definitely check out our links of the week! 

Fitnessy Reads

Need motivation before heading to the gym or out for a run? Check out some of these benefits of exercise that you may not have considered. (via Women’s Health)

Beauty-Full Advice

She may have her dream house and every job imaginable, but she is far from physically realistic. Check out this infographic about why real women could never look like Barbie. (via

Work, Life and Stuff

Don’t worry, be happy with these 5 happy web moments! (via Greatist)

Don’t MIND if We Do

Being present and mindful can have profound effects on your life, and can even make everyday tasks more meaningful! “Cooking with Love” discusses how to bring awareness into your kitchen. (via Intent Blog)

Eat Me

“If the fungus won’t eat it, bugs won’t eat it, maybe we shouldn’t be eating it.” These are wise words in response to the world’s oldest hamburger, that somehow still looks brand new… yuck! (via Huffington Post)

Blog in the Limelight

NPR always is a good source of  fascinating information and discussion on important topics…and you can expect the same from their health blog! (via NPR)

Selfish Shout Out

Have a strong finish to your earth week by following some of our tips for how to celebrate our home planet! (via BiteSize)

What did we miss? Share your favorite links from this week below!



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