Join a Group for Health Success

One of the reasons Weight Watchers worked so well upon its inception was the use of groups to provide support, encouragement, accountability and maybe just a little peer pressure.

The Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge hosted by RunToTheFinish uses these same principles to encourage us all to remain active and healthy throughout the holiday season.  When January 1 rolls around we are starting a new year feeling our best instead of pledging to drop the pounds that crept on from one too many of grandma’s famous cookies.

Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge Run to the Finish

Here are 4 ways a group can help you reach your goals:

1. Sharing Struggles: One thing a group shows is that everyone faces hurdles in life. It not only makes us feel better, but provides us with examples for overcoming struggles.

2. Social: Connecting with other likeminded people is one of the keys to success in any endeavor! They will support your goals and encourage accountability. If you can’t make it to a weekly group workout class, then finding an online group has been shown to work just as well.

3. Structure: A group setting provides a set structure for you to follow, which can help to build long term habits. When you frequently change your schedule, it becomes very easy to let exercise or a healthy lunch fall to the wayside. Having a group that you meet with at a set time creates a habit that leads to better choices.

4. Encouragement: Pinterest might provide you with a variety of recipes and quotes, but nothing beats someone standing next you saying “I believe in you” or “You can do it”.

Do you participate in group exercise classes or online challenges? 

Learn more about the Holiday Challenge and join hundreds of others in having your best holidays yet!

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